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Promising innovations

Companies who want to maintain their right to exist will not be able to avoid constantly adapting to new market developments. Sustainable, promising innovations will make the difference in 2019. Both in the profit and non-profit sectors. You can read all about it in this edition of About.

Anne-Mei The
Social Approach to Dementia
Over the next four years, eight Social Approach Trials are intended to lead to new national standards that guarantee improved quality of life at lower cost.
Mark van Ingen
Top year private equity and venture capital
2018 was a record year for investment in private equity and venture capital, according to the findings of a major survey by the Netherlands Association of Investment Companies (NVP). Growth investor Mark van Ingen (Mentha Capital) provides an explanation.
Sustainability and innovation Vopak
In this way Vopak shapes sustainability and innovation – and this role tax investment facilities and government subsidies play in this.
Jeroen Zwinkels
Digitialization in temporary employment
Managing director Jeroen Zwinkels of ManpowerGroup Netherlands clarifies the impact of digitalization on people and their work. “You can’t be the only successful one in an ecosystem while the rest are not. That’ll only work for a short time, at most.”

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"Critical watchdog mustn't forget digital security"

In designing a critical watchdog, we would do well not to confine ourselves to the physical world, but to use what we have learned from decades of physical security to accelerate the improvement of digital security as well. Cyber security specialist Bram van Tiel advocates which success factors are needed. 

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How to balance data protection and room to innovate

It is time to 'reinvent' the distribution of wealth, warns Erik Brynjolfsson, professor of digital economy at the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in conversation with PwC's chief economist Jan Willem Velthuijsen.

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The digital transformation in family businesses

The digital transformation is being experienced in just about every sector. But which distinctive properties can help family businesses to shape these fundamental changes? We have highlighted three that family businesses can use to their advantage.

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Find out about BXT in PwC's Experience Center

PwC’s BXT method combines business management, customer experience, and technology. In our specially designed Experience Centre in Amsterdam, companies and organisations can find out what impact the digital transformation will have for their customers and employees.

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