Deliver better business outcomes with SAP

SAP technology, whether it’s SAP Finance, SAP S/4HANA, cloud ERP, SAP Central Finance or any of its offerings, can redefine efficiency and transform operational performance across finance, supply chains, customer experience and other key business functions.

With our extensive experience implementing SAP’s products and deep industry know-how, PwC can help your organization achieve the most efficient and effective business solutions by utilizing the right SAP applications.

Our approach goes beyond technical implementation. We focus on business outcomes and the value of technology – emphasizing the alignment between business and IT.

SAP Finance

Central Finance

A SAP S/4 HANA transformation usually starts with Finance. Besides the general finance implementations, Central Finance (CFIN) is a possibility as well. CFIN provides a vehicle to align and transform data from single or multiple SAP and non-SAP systems without having to make widespread changes on the source systems.

A harmonized data environment supports financial reporting, planning and standardized processes. This results in improved finance data quality and transactional efficiency, which in turn enables a stepping stone approach towards a full S/4 Hana transformation, or provides guidance towards a lean ERP core.

PwC’s experience and expertise in S/4 and Central Finance projects and our vision on business-led transformation has been recognized by Gartner.

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Finance Transformation enabled by SAP S/4HANA

Our SAP S/4HANA Finance service offerings are designed to help you redefine your organization with a roadmap for efficiency and success across the entire finance operation – from transaction to decision.

Automate your financial Processes

Companies often spend too much time on transactional activities and less time on drawing insights from within their own business. In what part of your organization would you like to implement automation to improve process efficiencies?

Automation can improve efficiency; but it can’t fix a broken process. That’s why, before considering your automation strategy, we leverage our process capabilities and leading practices to ensure your processes are solid. We will work together to pinpoint opportunities to simplify, accelerate or re-design your current processes and effectively apply automation approaches that will yield high-impact results.

Drive your performance excellence agenda

You have the financial data, but are you able to capitalize on critical business insights swiftly enough to drive improvements in performance?

The finance organization is integral in driving value creation across the business. Our finance transformation solution will help you create your blueprint for success. We specialize in making financial information models and steering concepts SAP-proof and ready to implement.​

We combine sector-specific insight into business processes with extensive knowledge of SAP Solutions​. We will assist you in everything: from reimagining your key performance indicators, to deploying analytics for assisted insights. We also help you adopt machine-learning and AI-driven planning, modeling and performance forecasting.

Finance Transformation

S/4HANA Strategy

During the S/4Hana Strategy & Roadmap approach, we support our clients with the S/4HANA transformation in the initial stage by looking at the desired route (greenfield, brownfield, smart greenfield), the scope and by translating the business processes to an added value from the system.

With the start of S/4HANA transformation the organization will decide on complex subjects, process choices and determine where the added-value of the transformation can be obtained. This requires strategic alignment and executive decision making.

The result will be an S/4HANA implementation strategy and a roadmap for successful deployment, from both a technical and a business perspective.

Operation Transformation

With rapidly increasing digitization, and a world that’s becoming more unpredictable, there is a greater need than ever to have a resilient, agile, and sustainable Supply Chain. Your ability to manage complexity, increase visibility, innovate faster, and reduce your time-to-market will determine your competitive success in the years to come.

PwC is a recognized leader in Supply Chain and Operations transformations with the use of SAP’s digital solutions, and can help you transform your Supply Chain throughout all stages of your journey; from defining and translating your Operations strategy to a robust and scalable SAP S/4HANA system  efficiently supporting your digital Supply Chain.

Operational Transformation

End-to-end transformation and implementation

We don’t just implement SAP; we transform businesses to become more flexible, competitive, and profitable using SAP’s innovative digital solutions.

With our enterprise-wide business expertise combined with deep knowledge of SAP S/4HANA we guide all your business domains through the transformation, ensuring you get the value-add you invested for.

Our end-to-end delivery capabilities covering all cross-functional project functions like PMO, Change Management, and Data Migration, combined with a vast range of PwC project accelerators greatly reduce your implementation timeline while reducing risk.

From defining your SAP S/4HANA strategy all the way to deployment and running your live SAP S/4HANA system: we’ve got you covered.


Optimize your strategies, processes, and products using SAP’s Analytics Cloud solutions.

It’s about more than just fancy dashboards. SAP’s Analytics Cloud solution enables you to identify the parameters for the future of your business, discover new opportunities and business areas, and comply with all data protection guidelines. No not need to make huge investments or hire legions of data scientists in order to benefit from your wealth of big data. SAP’s Analytics Cloud solution is an all-in-one cloud product offered as software as a service (SaaS) for Business intelligence (BI), planning, and predictive analytics which can be used for many use cases. With our broad experience we help you to get most out of your data: we make your data big!

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

'Unlock the Future' with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition!

Imagine what is possible in the world of cloud-based ERP systems with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition. This powerful solution is designed to transform businesses and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. Discover the possibilities to streamline your business processes, gain real-time insights, and stay agile in a dynamic market. SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition is packed with features specifically designed to increase efficiency and drive innovation. Take advantage of the benefits of an intelligent ERP system that seamlessly integrates with existing applications and is continuously updated with the latest technologies.

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How can PwC help you with SAP?

  • Global coverage and delivery capabilities with more than 6,200 SAP specialists offering the full range of SAP Business Transformation services
  • Local knowledge and subject matter experts across Advisory, Tax and Assurance when and where clients need it
  • Global Delivery Centers execute client service activities anywhere in the world
  • Expanded SAP solution and product coverage
  • Dedicated partner ownership
  • Best in class tools, templates and accelerators as we continue to focus on quality and risk management
  • Our team members are veterans of over 3,000 SAP engagements
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