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Salesforce delivers seamless customer experiences

At PwC, we enable our clients to deliver the seamless "anytime, anywhere" access their customers expect. We do this by combining our proven track record in business and strategy with award-winning solutions powered by Salesforce technology. As a result many of our clients see their businesses transformed. 

PwC and Salesforce: an award-winning team

PwC is a global strategic Salesforce Partner and proud leader in Digital Transformation. For a decade our work has been recognized internationally with a glittering array of innovation and industry awards. For example, we hold the highest-level Platinum tier within the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program.

A balanced symbiosis between people and technology     

At PwC, people and technology work hand in hand. By combining human ingenuity with technological innovation and experience, we deliver faster, more efficient, and improved outcomes while building trust across the value chain.

Our holistic view of transformation prioritises the end-user. We integrate strategy and operations and embed new ways of working. As a result there is potential for increased productivity and growth.

Multi-cloud expertise

Our team specializes in following industry specific solutions and topics

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Customer 360 as a single source of information

Today’s consumers want choice, customization and frictionless interactions. In addition, they want to be acknowledged and recognised. In the process of achieving this for your customers you want an employee experience that makes it easy for teams to collaborate, be productive, and stay healthy.

The Salesforce Platform combines all the tools you need for game-changing mobile and social apps. Our Salesforce specialists can help you customize your Salesforce CRM to suit your company’s unique needs: use it to build customer apps, quickly create websites and digital marketing campaigns, manage data in the Salesforce cloud database and much more.

Build better experiences throughout the manufacturing supply chain

Modernize commercial operations, transform service experiences, simplify partner engagement, leverage embedded analytics and go digital fast. With key features like forecasting frameworks, sales agreements, manufacturing data model, embedded analytics, digital process automation & rebate management.

Boost impact, accelerate growth and increase productivity

Our Salesforce NGO team provides constituent-centric solutions & expertise for medium and large-size nonprofits: for organizations interacting with donors, members and/or volunteers. And for organizations managing grants and programs. Besides the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud we offer various additional insights and accelerators together with NGOs that want to be at the forefront of the market.

Taylored solutions for citizen-centric and personalized experiences

We offer integrated solutions for citizens, businesses and employees for all of their engagements with government administrations. Simplifying access to services, delivering transformational change, integrating disparate data sources and accelerating the time-to-value.

Create intelligent and personalized experiences

Engage with your customers in a more direct way, create repeat customers out of one time consumers, increase product innovation by facilitating a more collaborative, agile work environment. With key-features like consumer behavior analytics, promotion management, brand experience, target opportunities and direct consumer engagement.

Execute strategies on the impact of risk and regulation, FinTech, and the ever-changing customer

Digital solutions to transform your business and patient experience

Step forward into the future of energy

Connect your customer service, assets, field engineers, marketing and communications to help them respond efficiently to individual needs. Spend less time on admin and help your team to deliver outstanding experience to your customers and stakeholders, e.g. by automating back-office processes. Drive customer satisfaction with rich data and delight customers with transparent, accessible and personalized journeys.

Bring Loyalty into every touchpoint in the customer or partner journey

Gone are the days when loyalty programs were just about points and benefits. Now it's more important than ever to drive customer demand and loyalty through personalized, differentiated and seamless experiences. 

Whether B2B or B2C, the fundamental loyalty program drivers remain the same: improve customer experiences to drive business value. Brands with differentiated experiences and unparalleled service see the greatest uplift. By moving from a traditional loyalty approach to a more experiential loyalty strategy, clients can access the true attitudes and behaviors of customers in order to establish deeper and more meaningful connections that are rooted in customer wants, needs, and values - as opposed to transactions and commercial exchanges.

Enabling your people to get the most out of your technology investments

Digital Enablement is a Salesforce powered solution that provides real-time insight into employee’s engagement, technical proficiency and employee satisfaction with Salesforce, to help enablement and adoption.

  • Treat and enable employees with B2E enablement journeys. 

  • Monitor the enablement of your people by tracking employee’s Salesforce proficiency and program engagement using the tool’s unique scoring algorithm.

  • Automate the enablement of your people by launching targeted campaigns tailored to individuals needs and behaviors.


Innovation, efficiency and sustainability for housing corporations

The core of housing associations is and will of course remain the tenant. But how do you ensure that tenants are helped efficiently and innovatively and that they really take center stage? And how do you move both your tenants and your organization towards profitable sustainability? Can’t see what the offer is here?


Go net zero now

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud tackles carbon accounting, empowers decision makers and enables sustainable transformation. It provides companies with a complete picture of environmental metrics to better understand and position for long-term sustainable growth.

Create a 360° view of all suppliers, drive procurement excellence and transform procurement-suppliers engagement

PwC’s Supplier Relationship Management Solution (SRM) offers end-to-end relationship management, powered by Salesforce, which gives businesses more control over their supply chain. It’s an intuitive, cloud-based solution with built-in Einstein Analytics that lets you see a 360-degree view of your data and helps you accelerate your supply chain customer transformation. 

SRM is more than just a procurement tool. At a time where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of modern business - and not just an eco-friendly afterthought - businesses must be mindful of which companies they’re choosing as suppliers. 

Accelerate the transformation of your service center

Field Service Excellence is a pre-configured toolbox that helps you manage and deploy a complex network of a mobile team. It simplifies and improves the performance of your operations team to meet customer expectations and reduce operational costs.

Capture actionable insights

We help you create visualizations, make predictions, and find insights by bringing all of your data into Salesforce workflows. You can then act on findings instantly by collaborating, updating records, and sharing dashboards.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics (SEA) is a platform that allows you to combine your own Salesforce data with data from other systems (such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Dynamics, GoogleBigQuery). SEA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to explore your data and give you the right insights. SEA can help to segment and find new target groups and give you recommendations for your content. CRM analytics is the most effective way to see and understand your data. It’s also the most accessible. Give every department access to the most powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive set of analytics features available today. With Tableau analytics insights are visualized by means of interactive dashboards, reports and graphs all powered by artificial intelligence. 

Reduce unwanted exposure and risks

We help you with issues like: long lead times to be granted access to necessary systems, different login credentials across various systems, lack of a-centralised portalsl,  users forgetting usernames and passwords, a wide variety of access without checks, unnecessary calls to the helpdesk, being burdened with password-related support, fragmented employee information, no insight into application usage and security.

Accelerate your quote-to-cash cycle

We combine our Pricing, Salesforce Technology, Business, and Finance competencies to accelerate our clients’ Quote to Cash cycle with compelling results.

Reduce running cost, enable a 360 view and improve adoption and governance

We help you to pinpoint issues in your and also to find the way to get back on track with an actionable Return On Investment improvement plan.

Increase customer satisfaction, market share and profitability

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world's leading CRM solution. It gives you all the CRM capabilities you need to link with customers, close deals and network via social/mobile from anywhere. And with Complex Pricing Quotations you transform your business model with a unified quote-to-cash solution.

Simply smart, social, and streamlined customer service

Today, customers will be able to get information easily, quickly, clearly and through any channel, from the traditional telephone to whatsapp messages or chatbots. With Salesforce's omni-channel service integration, service agents can connect any way they want to help customers. The Knowledge Service Center shows that customer loyalty is a priority and that customers’ questions can be answered quickly and easily.     

Engage, nurture, enhance customer experience 

Digital technology has changed the way your customers behave: from the means they use to interact with your brand, to the way they expect to buy and what they demand from the relationship with your company. We have entered a new era of personalization. Our Marketing Transformation services help companies obtain a greater return on their marketing actions, reducing costs, increasing lead generation and turnover. Our Salesforce team can help you from beginning- to- end, from strategy to implementation. We are experts in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Personalization, Marketing Cloud Intelligence,  Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Powered by Pardot, Loyalty Management and much more.     

Connect your commerce to service, marketing and sales channels

With digital transformation, the “traditional” way of doing business is part of the past. Today, consumers are more empowered than ever, using social networks, mobile applications and other technologies, so shopping habits (online and offline) are completely different. The rate of adoption of new technologies and the changes in consumer behavior are so rapid that it can be difficult for companies to have a solid online sales strategy. PwC has extensive experience in implementing e-commerce solutions, helping companies to thrive in the current context of the digital transformation of the global economy.

Integrate data easily and quickly

With MuleSoft you have the tooling to follow with other systems. To be able to exchange data quickly. The Anypoint platform allows Software as a Service (SaaS) to be extended.

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Passion: we love transformation. Our motivation stems from the knowledge that we’re solving the most important problems for our clients. Every day is different and together with Salesforce we can help you optimize your operating model and become future-fit.

Collaboration: throughout the entire project, our local team of Salesforce architects, consultants, developers, industry and experience experts, not only works extensively with your team, but also with the global PwC network and the Salesforce ecosystem.

Diversity: within our diverse team, we combine highly qualified individuals with different perspectives. We connect their ingenuity and passion with the latest technology in order to stay ahead and deliver the best fitting solutions for you.

Social impact together

We have been partnering with since October 2020. Our partnership involves helping non-profit organizations like: 

  • NGOs

  • Educational institutions

  • Social housing corporations

 to transform their operations and increase their social impact.

How can we help

Our PwC Salesforce specialists will support you throughout your digital transformation journey. We’ll work closely with you to determine your company’s unique needs and provide a tailored solution powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Salesforce is fully customisable, allowing you to create a platform of components specific to your needs.

Wheter it's a customer portal, an automated messaging centre, cloud commerce or artificial intelligence-powered analytics.

As a leading provider and global strategic partner of Salesforce, our specialists are happy to enable your teams facilitate the stand-out experience your customers demand through the power of technology.


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