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Businesses have to deal with data from thousands of international corporate clients with hundreds of news hits a day in more than 70 languages via over 20,000 news publishers. The challenge is to keep a grip on this abundance of, often highly fragmented, information.

To help businesses overcome their information challenges, Entity Insights, built on the Google Cloud Platform, was developed. With the advent of cloud computing, api's and machine learning technology, it is possible to develop a system that draws real-time insights from global public sources.

We could fill a book with the wide variety of ways in which people need support with information and data in their daily work. Leveraging on our rich experience at PwC, four archetypal examples of the challenges of data overload and fragmentation... And the kind of solutions that Entity Insights offers.

Opportunities for Reinvention

Reinvent work

Employees are demanding it and clients are expecting it—the best way to connect, collaborate and communicate. Reinvent Work helps clients drive business value in organizations by improving the employee experience, leveraging new work process efficiencies through enhanced collaboration, and accelerating time-to-value. PwC helps organizations prepare, execute and sustain their reinvention-of-work investment by calling upon its unique capabilities along with the Google Apps Cloud suite of products. Simply put, PwC and Google Cloud deliver innovative solutions with enterprise know-how to help clients reinvent work.

Reinvent Security

Privacy and consumer protection are more top of mind than ever in today’s connected world characterized by constant and increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. Businesses need the right intelligence, current methods and strong defenses to shield them from such threats. Reinvent Security comprises PwC’s solutions for today’s digitally enabled world. These solutions provide real-time security insights, help enterprises defend applications running in the cloud, and leverage hardware and software to help organizations protect their most important information assets.

Reinvent IT

Innovative technologies are reinventing the way real-time information is delivered and stored with a sharper focus on collaboration and flexibility. This has businesses rethinking their IT strategies enabling them to accommodate rapid changes, gather real-time insights and secure their information confidently in cloud-based services. Reinvent IT transforms your IT organization to embrace a fluid, iterative assemble-to-order approach that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration and innovation. Leveraging Google’s Cloud platform and PwC’s industry knowledge, businesses can seize new opportunities and become customer-driven.

Reinvent Value

In a global marketplace, businesses are faced with ever increasing demands to create new customer experiences, refine business processes and find industry opportunities to stay competitive. The way to do this is by redefining how the business creates value, both internally and externally in going to market.

By reinventing value, businesses can grow and create future successes. PwC can help businesses reinvent their value by offering industry knowledge and experience, together with Google Cloud’s innovative tools. PwC offers sector-specific knowledge in health, industrial products, financial services, public sector and technology, information, communications and entertainment

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Challenge 1: Know Your Customer event triggers

Ellen is a compliance officer charged with keeping her clients KYC profiles up to date in collaboration with the account managers in the front office. She needs to take action when material KYC events happen at her clients (e.g. a change of principal). The increasing global footprint of her clients and ever-more diverse business relationships mean that Ellen has to monitor a rapidly increasing amount of data.

Challenge 2: Early-warning system

Charles is a credit risk manager facing huge challenges in identifying early-warning signals on counterparties in the commercial banking sector. His core problem is finding the right information amongst a veritable ocean of data, much of which is published in languages that Charles doesn’t speak. It’s also important that he can separate relevant facts from noise amongst all the news.

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Challenge 3: Commercial lead generator

Account manager Lawrence is looking for proactive, relevant insights that will help his clients operate better and faster than before. In today’s world, a wealth of information is available about his clients as they do business around the globe. Lawrence needs to stay up to date with relevant business developments regarding his clients so that he can take commercial actions. It is crucial that Lawrence can offer relevant products & services to his clients at the right time.

Challenge 4: Automated triggers for regulatory developments

As head of regulatory affairs, Joanna has to monitor and analyse a wealth of regulatory information in an ever-changing environment. She needs support in processing all the available regulatory information from various jurisdictions and turning it into policies and procedures within her firm. Consistent, data-driven monitoring of regulatory developments will help her stay up-to-date and compliant.

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Why the PwC - Google Cloud Alliance?

PwC understands the business transformation required to succeed in this complex journey and has the deep industry and process knowledge required to help clients innovate and reinvent their businesses. Google Cloud is a set of pioneering cloud technologies that enable millions of people to work the way they choose and build what's next. Google Cloud products help teams work together, and companies innovate faster with the scale and security of Google infrastructure.

Together, PwC and Google bring to market leading disruptive technology and the deep industry and process knowledge required to help clients reinvent, innovate and transform their businesses.

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Entity Insights: Introduction

PwC and Google Cloud - accelerating business transformation so you can work the way you live

Transform to a data-driven business with Entity Insights. An initiative of PwC on the Google Cloud Platform.