Global Coordinated Documentation

Efficient and consistent documentation with PwC’s Global Coordinated Documentation Reporter

In many countries, including the Netherlands, the compliance burden has increased for companies due to transfer pricing documentation obligations following the OECD BEPS Action 13 report (part of the July 2017 OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines).

Annual preparation of a Master and Local File

Upon meeting the applicable revenue threshold, your company will likely be required to prepare a Master and Local File annually, including updating the applicable benchmarking studies. How will you manage your company’s compliance obligations in all countries?

How PwC can help  

To maximize efficiency and global consistency, PwC has developed the Global Coordinated Documentation (GCD) Reporter. It utilizes the latest web-based technologies to create a fast, efficient, and easy-to-use system for producing documentation in a collaborative and cutting-edge environment. GCD Reporter is hosted by PwC and is used in the majority of documentation projects.

Advantages of the GCD Reporter

  • Access the online GCD portal easily and directly by internet.

  • Collaborate in a full-featured web environment without the need to upload or download documents.

  • Have continuous insight into the status/progress of the documentation and provide input or ask questions directly, without the need to send documents back and forth.

  • Prepare transfer pricing documentation efficiently at a central level and share it across multiple reports, while still being allowed the necessary flexibility for the required local-specific input.

  • Grant access per section, country, and entity to the responsible local persons. Further, other PwC offices can conduct reviews based on the specific local legislation.

  • View updated economic and financial analyses in real-time, leveraging the power of PwC’s internal analytics platforms.

  • Roll-forward (update) the documentation efficiently for future years, by using the last year’s reports as a starting point for the following year.

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