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The global taxation and regulation landscape is undergoing rapid change. This is not only due to changes in legislation, but also due to changes in tax management regulations, codes of conduct and numerous international initiatives in the area of tax transparency and measures against tax avoidance. In addition, the concept of ‘fair share’ has become part of the public debate on taxes.

Now that more stakeholders are interested in your tax profile and behaviour and given the fast pace of digitisation, it’s important to take a fresh look at your tax strategy and tax risk management. Your business principles and strategy are the starting point for defining a tax strategy. PwC can work with you on drawing up and implementing attack strategy.

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Do you ever wonder about the extent to which your organisation is able to deal with all these new developments? Do you have questions such as:

  • To what degree has my enterprise’s tax strategy been implemented, monitored and tested? 

  • Does my tax function already use technology and data? 

  • Are you ready to respond to the increasing need for transparency in reporting and communication? 

These are questions that are addressed in the holistic approach of Sustainable Tax. PwC's experts can help you answer these questions as well as draw up and implement a future-proof tax strategy. Would you like to find out more? If so, please contact us or download one of the brochures below.

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