Incentives for innovation and sustainability

Why is it important?

It is essential for companies to continuously innovate to stay ahead of competitors and create new markets. Companies also see the need to become more sustainable, partly under pressure from new regulations, including the recently adopted Climate Act and proposed European regulations as part of the 'Fit for 55 Package'. Several cash grants and tax incentives are available on a national as well as international level to stimulate innovation and sustainability. From the EU, significant financial support for business is also included as one of the main building blocks in the Green Deal Industrial Plan.

Our services are characterised by:


  • In-depth knowledge of and extensive experience with strategic (digital) innovations or sustainability driven transformations in multiple sectors
  • A strong track record in incentivising the entire project or technology development cycle from project idea to market introduction
  • Supporting all types of companies (from start-ups and scale-ups to listed multinationals) in various sectors
  • Strong and global network of incentive specialists
  • A structured and proactive approach to optimise existing incentive performance
  • Tailor made support in developing and embedding an efficient and effective internal incentives organisation, based on the PwC incentives control framework.

Want to learn more about incentives opportunities for your innovation or investment plans in the short or long term? Please contact us.

Integrated approach

Within PwC, the Sustainability, Innovation & Incentives team has extensive experience in acquiring and managing incentives on a strategic as well as on an operational level for clients in multiple sectors. Where relevant, we collaborate with our colleagues from Strategy&, Legal & State Aid, Valuations, Capital Project & Infrastructure and Sustainability Reporting. Our experts are experienced with the development cycle of strategic investment projects and associated technologies - from project idea to market introduction - the impact of new technologies on the carbon footprint of the entire value chain, the underlying business case and the relevance of the (inter-)national regulatory framework. We also have an active role in the PwC Global Incentives Services Network (GIS), as well as in the PwC EU Green Deal Center of Excellence, which is deployed to support internationally operating companies in monetising incentive opportunities across their entire investment portfolio.

Get to know our approach 

Depending on companies' experience in obtaining and managing incentives, PwC offers support in one or more phases of the 'incentives lifecycle'. Thus, our support ranges from developing a incentive strategy, periodic incentive assessments, a detailed feasibility study, validation of incentives in the business case, scoping a project idea into an eligible project and associated application (e.g. building consortia), and developing financial and technical reports to monetise the award and ensure associated compliance. 

In addition, PwC supports companies in developing and embedding the Incentives Control Framework to ensure a robust incentives governance and related efficient work processes for acquiring and managing incentives. This control framework enables companies to efficiently identify and monetise incentives opportunities and meet associated compliance and reporting requirements in a timely manner.

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Digital and tooling

Delivery of our services is supported by various digital tools, including: 

  • Incentives Analyser to assess your current incentive strategy, incentives performance and compliance

  • ESG Green Tracker for global insights into sustainability driven incentives and environmental taxes

  • EIA / MIA Analyzer & Management tool to identify tax incentive opportunities for sustainability and energy transition driven capital investment projects

  • WBSO (NL R&D Tax credit) Management Platform for feasibility testing, developing the WBSO claim and managing related compliance. In addition, the platform features a sanity check tool to identify optimisation opportunities within your current WBSO performance.

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