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The Future of Financial Services

The financial services landscape is changing, thanks to FinTech startups and large tech firms launching their own financial products. Companies and institutions recognise they must adapt to these industry changes to succeed long term. Incumbents need to innovate and transform their businesses to adapt to the new reality. FinTech startups need to learn how to work with incumbents or how to acquire customers directly. Governments need to create the right environments to attract startups. Regulators need to rethink their rulebooks to prepare for new market players.

How can we help you?

PwC’s FinTech and Payments services are at the forefront of these changes. We are working with members of the broader ecosystem, from incumbents and startups to regulators and governments, and helping them to adapt and become leaders in this new normal. . We do this in cooperation with our extensive international network of Financial Services subject matter experts in several disciplines. With our worldwide network, we can offer our services at a local level. These include the following:

  • Regulatory advisory and structuring: We support you in finding the right setup for your business and aligning it with the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Licensing projects: We help you prepare your licensing application and support you in the licensing and implementation process.
  • Legal and compliance: we help you design and implement legal frameworks and compliance processes
  • Cross-border business: we provide guidance on cross-border activities and help you mitigate cross border risks.

PwC’s digital asset clients span a range of service providers, issuers and investors, such as:

Crypto exchanges and custodians

Payment processors

Digital asset banks

Traditional financial institutions entering the digital asset space

Token issuers (ICO, STO, NFTs, etc.)

Funds (Crypto funds, hedge funds, asset managers)

Governments, central banks, regulators and other policy makers looking at digital assets


Building trust in the cryptocurrency world

Digital assets have disrupted capital markets and garnered tremendous industry momentum globally. The rapid adoption of digital assets poses diverse challenges and uncertainty with evolving market opportunities, governance expectations and compliance standards.

Digital asset market participants face a complex set of existing and emerging rules — and all roads are leading toward additional scrutiny. Our multidisciplinary community of solvers, composed of industry professionals, former regulators and technical specialists, help you navigate the complexity by forming a compliance framework and strategy and enabling you to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. You can benefit from our extensive experience in establishing KYC, AML, licensing and approval and regulatory exam preparation, response and remediation. Find out how you can build trust with stakeholders and drive your business forward.

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Reshaping the future of money

The dynamic digital payments landscape is constantly evolving, with new technology posing both challenges and opportunities. With keen interest from investors and support from regulators, the payments industry is expected to experience continuous growth. Businesses, both incumbents and new players, that can understand and adapt to changing market demands and provide innovative solutions will emerge on top. Find out how the Future of payments impacts your business.

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