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Export Controls

In recent decades, international trade has been dominated by sanctioned countries and parties. Doing business safely abroad is impossible if business partners, agents and (potential) customers and countries where trade is conducted are not screened in advance. See the recent upscaling of sanctions against i.e. Iran, Venezuela and Russia.

In addition to parties, it is also important to understand which products can be traded with whom (export controls). Components that are labeled "dual use" may not just be freely traded. The same applies to "military use".

This concerns national, European, United Nations and especially American sanctions regimes. The sanctions for trade with certain listed parties and / or trading parts that require a license can lead to sky-high fines that can even affect the organization's license to operate.

PwC’s experts have extensive experience in classifying goods, knowledge of the various sanctions and export regimes and negotiating directly with authorities (including the United States).

PwC can assist you with:

  • Classification of parts / products;
  • Forensic investigation of suspicious deliveries (for example if you have doubts about whether you should do a Voluntary Self Disclosure on behalf of the US authorities);
  • Setting up your screening policy and conducting screening (see also "Global Intelligence";
  • Setting up your export & screening process;
  • User friendly automation of the export & screening process.

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