Generating value through rapid operational improvement around a deal or restructuring

Many deals fail to generate full value, which often happens because operational improvement initiatives are not pursued in a timely and decisive manner. Also, initiatives are often not defined in a clear and concise way or not realisable.

We support and challenge you to obtain an objective view on rapid value creation by developing clear and quantified targets, and by helping you prepare for the implementation of the initiatives.

This also applies during a sales process; during a carve-out or exit readiness process we can provide bidders with a view on an optimised business, which supports the sales process and value.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do we quantify and document the improvement initiatives?
  • Are you able to help us identify further opportunities, and what are common areas of focus?
  • How do I translate improvement initiatives to improvement plans and realistic deliverables?
  • How do I implement and monitor the improvement plan?
  • How can I use rapid value creation during a sales process (i.e. carve-out or exit readiness)?

We can help you on generating value-enhancing solutions for your business.

Our approach is built around creating sustainable value in a short timespan. Together with your team, we will perform a thorough assessment of your company, identifying improvement initiatives and translating these into a detailed and realisable plan. We can help you implement these initiatives in a timely manner to maximise the value and maintain momentum for improvements initiatives.

Our step plan is outlined below:

Step 1 – Improvement identification

Step 2 – Validation and documentation of the identified improvement initiatives

Step 3 -  Implementation

Step 4 – Monitoring progress

Our approach is based on our exhaustive experience across a broad range of industries. We work alongside and with management and teams in your organisation to establish and develop realistic targets. Where applicable we will also work with external expertise, e.g. industry experts and benchmarks.

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