Germany is the Netherlands main trade partner

Germany has traditionally been the Netherlands main trade partner. When entering a large international trade market, detailed knowledge of the relevant (tax) laws and regulations is essential. Sound advice on taxation and finance can help eliminate unnecessary costs.

Transit and export

Germany’s size and location make it an important export country for Dutch companies. If you are planning to do business with partners in Germany, you need to be aware of the relevant Dutch and German legislation, bilateral treaties between Germany and the Netherlands and European regulations. You also need a network of contacts.

International regulations

If, as a foreign company, you want to ensure that you are aware of the relevant Dutch and German tax incentives and subsidy programmes PwC specialist consultants can be of service. Our expert accountants can also assist with reporting.

Bilateral cooperation

PwC has International Business Service Centres in the Netherlands and Germany. These International Business Service Centres provide a wide range of services for German companies operating in the Netherlands and Dutch companies operating in Germany. Our intensive cooperation with our fellow PwC consultants in Germany ensures that you gain the full benefit of the PwC international network.

What can you expect from PwC?

  • Knowledge of the German market
  • A network of contacts in Germany and the Netherlands

Advice on accounting, auditing, tax and other consultancy services, such as Transaction Support, Transfer Pricing, financial statement audits, and Human Resource Services

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