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Corporate Treasury Solutions

Forces shaping today’s Treasury

An expanding risk landscape is placing both treasurers and CFOs under increased pressure to stay on top of current and emerging issues such as commodity rading, foreign exchange (FX) volatility, market complexity and changing regulations. As Treasury’s scope continues to expand from a department to an increasingly virtual, company-wide management initiative, CFOs are requiring treasurers participate in finance processes beyond the traditional scope for treasury. Treasurers should seize these opportunities.

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Webcast 1: Macroeconomic impacts of COVID-19 and our learnings so far

In this first webcast, we will get a macroeconomic update from Jan Willem Velthuijsen, the Chief Economist at PwC. Ralf Zwerver, a Director in our Business Recovery practice will share some learnings and observations with individual firm’s responses to the crisis.

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Webcast 2: Cash and liquidity management

During this session we will dive into the main market trends we are seeing, after which we will learn a methodology on dealing with current challenges and setting up an automated cash forecasting process.

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Webcast 3: Tax implications on the new OECD guidance for financial transactions

In this session we will discuss the key element for some of the more common transactions (e.g., loans / cash pools) and demo PwC’s FT TP Analyzer to conduct a quick scan of the arm’s length nature of Group treasury activities.

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Webcast 4: Accounting considerations of COVID-19 for corporate treasuries

In this webcast we focus on the accounting implications that treasurers in corporate entities might also face. Topics we will touch upon are, amongst other, intercompany loans and trade receivables and the impact COVID-19 has on the expected credit losses and hedge accounting.

Hot topics treasury seminar

Thank you for attending our annual hot topics treasury seminar!

The digital revolution discussed at the previous hot topics sessions is now taking shape. Computer technology is rapidly transforming from simple tooling into a smart co-worker.

Treasury can significantly benefit from this paradigm shift. The finance industry is exploring ever larger data sets from different sources in a quest to eradicate risk altogether. Some are convinced that blockchain is the ultimate machine solution for the very foundation of human interaction; trust.

At the same time our experience with digital technology raises some fundamental questions and concerns. Can data and algorithms be unbiased? Can and should AI replace humans? Is a world full of android co-workers safe and secure? Will humans be able to stay in control?

Digital treasury is not just about bits and bytes. It is equally about our relationship to machines and their algorithms. We do not pretend to have all of the answers; however, we offer you a program to help navigate the opportunities, reimagine the possible and recognize the benefits.

For your convenience, we have included the presentations.


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