‘Digital Transformation of Tax Administration’ by PwC and Microsoft


As citizens of a global economy, we are demanding better, transparent and more accessible engagement with the people, businesses and government agencies in exchange for goods, services or experiences. Our expectations of service delivery are constantly being set, fueled and elevated by our everyday social and commercial sector digital experiences. Whether it’s shopping, travel, banking, news, gaming or interacting with each other on social media, digital transformation is embracing us with increasing pace and generating unprecedented volumes of valuable data and insights that in-turn, incubates new opportunities.

So when it comes to the vital business of generating, collecting and managing the revenue that every country needs to succeed and grow, how are government tax agencies stepping up to meeting our expectations and those of business, government and a global audience of potential investors? Which tax administrations are embracing digital tax technologies and the opportunities enabled by tax and revenue data insights?

To help answer these and many other questions, tax industry experts at Microsoft and PwC have recently collaborated to author a new series of white papers that illustrate and discuss how tax administrations are tackling the challenges of digital transformation as a vital step in their countries’ economic growth aspirations.

'Tax administrations around the globe will become more data intelligent which will increase their effectiveness and efficiency. It will lead to more predictability and less costs of compliance for taxpayers and tax administrations alike.'

Explore our Digital Transformation of Tax Administration Thought Leadership series

Our publications are intended to be catalysts for constructive, forward-looking debate with tax authorities, governments, parliaments, businesses, and supranational (such as the EU and the World Trade Organization) and non-governmental organisations, around tax systems and how they can be optimised, with the common objective of reducing the cost of compliance and increasing taxpayer satisfaction


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