Finance as Business Partner

Organisations are being confronted with an increasingly changing and more complex external environment. It is expected of Finance that it will be able to adapt to these dynamics and keep providing the organisation with suitable advice and relevant information in order to take decisions. Herein lies the crucial importance of the ‘Finance Business Partnering’ concept.

This publication provides the most recent insights about Finance as Business Partner based on research amongst over 100 organisations. Furthermore, this publication provides the most important aspects of a good Business Partner role and the factors which constrain this development. This research examined organisations at different sectors, maturity phases, and organisational sizes.

The results of this study tell us that organisations still give less attention to Business Partnering activities than they would like. This difference can be perceived across all sectors. 

Having the right people with the right level of knowledge and skills is the most important enabler for the transformation of a Finance into a fully worthy Business Partner. Noteworthy, our respondents place more importance towards several general characteristics, such as communication skills, analytical thinking and consulting skills, instead of more Finance related competencies.

For more information about Finance as Business Partner please download the full report below.

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