Digital factories 2020 - Shaping the future of manufacturing

Digitisation is radically changing the face of manufacturing companies. Digital factories are transforming manufacturing, as companies implement innovative technology and look for employees with fundamentally different types of qualifications. These new digital factories are being created in the heart of Europe to produce highly customised products and systems.

Leading manufacturing companies are deploying a number of key technologies to digitise production as well as their entire supply chain. These include big data analytics solutions, end-to-end, real time planning and connectivity, autonomous systems, digital twinning and worker augmentation, among many others. These technologies provide significant efficiency gains and allow companies to produce highly customised products, often a lot size one. But the full effect of digitisation is only realised when companies are connected in real time to their key suppliers and critical customers.

Our research shows that leading industrial companies have moved beyond pilot projects and are already investing in rolling out digital solutions. In this report, we provide an overview of how far industrial companies and what challanges they face.

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