AnaCredit Benchmark Study

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Entering a new world of regulatory reporting

AnaCredit is just the beginning of a new age of reporting requirements: Statistical reporting requirements will become more and more granular following ECB’s long-term objective “collect data only once” and taking into consideration ESCB initiatives like the “Banks integrated reporting dictionary” project (“BIRD”). With respect to the importance of those developments for the whole financial industry in Europe, we conducted a Euro area-wide benchmark study to determine the impact of AnaCredit on existing processes and systems as well as the costs and key challenges within financial institutions.

Key Messages

The key messages as a result of our survey can be summarised as follows:

  1. Data availibility is the number one challenge of AnaCredit, but most banksare confident that they will solve this challenge in time
  2. AnaCredit is expensive: depending on a bank’s complexity, implementation costs range from less than €1 million up to more than €6 million
  3. The data quality of most attributes is up to standard. However, the quality of the client financial indicator and collateral data is most questionable

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