A borderless future?

The uncertain future of Technology, Media and Telecommunications companies in Europe

Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies are positioned at the forefront of change and have been a major driver of the megatrend of technological breakthroughs. Still, this does not safeguard them from being disrupted themselves. They will need to continuously work on innovation in best-of-class offerings, developing new business models, and finding new revenue streams.

The speed of change brings many opportunities, but also some threats. It also makes it increasingly hard to predict the future of the TMT industry. To help envision this future, PwC has analysed two key uncertainties that can result in a series of scenarios. Each of these scenarios describes what the TMT landscape will look like. This can help industry players and investors in strategising and navigating the future.

In this document, we start with a contextual mapping of major trends that are shaping the TMT industry in Europe. Next, we explore two key uncertainties that will have a profound impact on how European TMT companies will grow and compete over the coming decade. An assessment of the scenarios uncovered by these key uncertainties is then performed, followed by the implications these scenarios have on winning strategies.

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