Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has been one of the world’s leading orchestras for more than 135 years. Since its hundred-year anniversary, it has been allowed to call itself Royal. Every year the orchestra gives around eighty concerts in the Concertgebouw and forty on the most important stages around the world.

In addition to the chief conductor, the orchestra consists of 120 musicians from more than 20 countries. Despite its size, it plays like a chamber orchestra. Everyone listens and responds to each other. This requires great individual quality and great trust in each other. The musicians can shine and at the same time take care of the collective. They share the ambition to deliver the highest quality every time and want to achieve more than just perfectly played notes. This fits in seamlessly with what PwC stands for: supporting our people and our clients in developing their talents to make the most of their qualities and possibilities. This is why we are a proud partner of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 2011.

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Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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