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Knowledge partnership (KNVB + PwC) = social impact²

The mission of the Royal Dutch Soccer Association (KNVB) is to elevate soccer in the Netherlands to an increasingly higher level and to utilise the unifying power of soccer for a positive impact on society. This aligns with PwC's purpose: building trust in society and helping solve important problems. 

That is why we are a strategic knowledge partner of the KNVB. We are a different kind of partner for the KNVB than a regular sponsor. We use our knowledge and our brainpower to help the association with their mission. 

We leverage our knowledge and expertise to assist them with their problems, challenges, and issues, specifically in the areas of sustainability (ESG) and impact measurement, (equal) opportunities, and matters related to innovation and technology.

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PwC & KNVB | Strategic Knowledge Partners

PwC strategic knowledge partners of the KNVB

Working together to have a positive impact on society

We support the realisation of one European Championship para-football

A recent example of our collaboration with the KNVB is our contribution to the 'Dragons Den' pitch session. The session was intended to come up with new and refreshing ideas and all departments of the KNVB were allowed to participate. 

Because we believe that good ideas add value to football and the enjoyment that millions experience from it, we made 50,000 euros of hours available from PwC to bring the most impactful, original and innovative idea one step closer to reality. Veronique Roos (board member of PwC), Martin Bond (partner at PwC) were in the jury together with Dave Dekker (commercial director KNVB) and Giel Kirkels (head of research and innovation KNVB). Ultimately, nine departments presented their ideas. 

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Pitches societal impact KNVB PwC

Dragon's Den

Photo, from left to right: Giel Kirkels (head of research and innovation KNVB), Veronique Roos (PwC board member), Robin Janssen (pitch winner), Martin Bond (partner at PwC) and Dave Dekker (commercial director KNVB).

The pitch for a European Championship para-football emerged as the winner. Separate European Championships and World Cups are currently being organised for the five different para-football forms. This is inefficient and not powerful. The goal now is to merge these forms into one event. The KNVB team will use the budget made available by PwC to prepare a feasibility report.  

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