Our Code of Conduct

PwC abides by a code of conduct in order to continue behaving in an ethically responsible manner in this ever changing society. This code helps to guide our behaviour and helps us to do the right thing and behave in accordance with our purpose and values.

What is the code of conduct?

It describes how we must behave and do business in a wide variety of circumstances and situations. We want a transparent and honest business culture, where people have freedom to discuss any issues. Everyone who works at PwC is responsible for complying with the code of conduct, and for helping one another to do the same.


Our code of conduct applies to PwC worldwide. All of our employees are obligated to honour its content and principles, and to encourage others to do likewise. Implementing the code in practice is an important part of who we are and what we stand for as PwC professionals.

This means we abide by the same values worldwide, so employees, customers and society know which values PwC stands for. 

Do you require further information?

Would you like to learn more about our code of conduct? Then download the PDF Code of Conduct.

Ronald van Tongeren, code of conduct partner

‘When doing our jobs, we are continuously asking ourselves: To what extent are our purpose and values reflected in what we say and do, and do we translate them in what we say and do? By honouring the code of conduct and taking enough time for reflection we are able to make a difference for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers as well as society in general. The code of conduct is actually the DNA of our organisation.’

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