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Climate and environment still on CEOs’ agenda

Structuring an organisation to measure impact can be done quicker

Even in the COVID-19 era, climate change and environmental pollution have not disappeared from the agenda of CEOs, according to PwC's 24th CEO Survey. The topic is still relatively high on the list of greatest concerns of business leaders, although COVID-related issues seem to be attracting more attention. Over half of the 141 Dutch respondents indicate that they will invest more in sustainability in the years ahead. A significant proportion, however, have no plans to do so. ‘Depending on your perspective, the glass is half full or half empty’, according to Viviana Voorwald and Joukje Janssen, specialists in ESG and sustainability.

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In the survey, about half of CEOs indicate that they would like to measure and report more on their environmental impact. Viviana Voorwald and Joukje Janssen believe that this percentage is on the low side, in view of the new legislation that is coming the way of large companies.

‘This is a huge job for many organisations. They not only have to collect data and structure their administrations accordingly, but also adapt their strategies at the same time. It's clear that they're still in no hurry to do so.’

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