Understanding the potential opportunities of generative AI

De leidersgids voor generatieve AI
  • Publication
  • 20 Jul 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered a new era. An era in which relevant applications for organisations manifest themselves faster than many expected. It is high time for organisations to get to work, write PwC experts Jim Christodouleas, Eugénie Krijnsen and Bart van den Tol in the white paper The leader's guide to generative AI.

In the publication, the writers provide an overview of the new challenges that managers are now facing due to technological developments. Is it wise to keep generative AI out? Or is it smart to start experimenting (in a responsible way)?

In the white paper, the PwC experts identify three consequences of generative AI (AI that generates text, sound and images, among other things) and provide insight into the potential opportunities and the steps that CEOs should consider.

'It is clear that we have reached a turning point,' says Krijnsen. ‘The impact of generative AI can be compared to the change brought about by the steam engine in 1717. Generative AI will enable many more people to perform many more activities in minutes instead of years.’

Read more about our vision on generative AI in the white paper and achieve tangible benefits within your organisation in the short term.

The leader’s guide to generative AI

Download (PDF of 1.07mb)
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