REvaluate digital valuation platform

Up-to-date overview of your real estate portfolio

Your real estate features a variety of different characteristics and represents a substantial value. An up-to-date overview of it is essential in order to make carefully-considered choices in managing your real estate portfolio. How can you ensure that you have complete insight into your real estate position at any time?

Real-time valuation of your real estate

The REvaluate digital platform offers an accurate overview of all available  real estate data. If you are being advised by the PwC real estate specialists, you will find an overview of the latest valuation parameters of your real estate on REvaluate. This tool helps improve transparency, an increasingly important factor in the real estate market, by providing access to and making optimum use of information.

Reference data for now and in the past

Much of the valuation process is automated based on the latest data from public sources, such as the Land Registry, the Key Register for Addresses and Buildings (BAG) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The credit score, walk score, and rental information are also loaded into the tool in real-time. REvaluate converts the flow of information into usable reference data. A special time-travel feature enables you to find accurate information for any time in the past. REvaluate also offers an overview of all the work we do for your real estate portfolio, both in the present and past.

REvaluate provides answers to the following questions (and more):

  • What is the market value of my real estate on a given value reference date?
  • What is the market rental value of my real estate?
  • What is a realistic yield in the current market?
  • If I make capital investments what effect will it have on the market value?
  • What effect will an amendment to a lease agreement have on the market value?
  • What is the market price for the purchase of new real estate?
  • Is the Real Estate Assessment Act value issued by the municipality realistic?
  • What is the land value of my real estate?
  • Can I optimise my annual tax deductions?
  • How do I substantiate the economic values cited in the tax returns in discussion with the Tax and Customs Administration?

Self-learning system provides the basis for advice

The development of REvaluate was inspired by our ambition to apply technology in order to further improve our services. The robotic process automation module in REvaluate offers efficient data processing and an active learning module provides input for an independent valuation that is continually updated. Because REvaluate is self-learning, it provides ever-improving predictions on such issues as the market rental value or the yield that should apply. This digital tool enables us to minimise error and prevent repeated actions. REvaluate does the groundwork that gives our consultants the basis they need to provide more specific advice for all your real estate questions.

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