Global Benefits Inventory Tool

Automated overview of all pension schemes and employment conditions

Pension schemes, long-term benefits and other employment conditions represent a major expense for companies. Does your international organisation have a complete overview of all its pension obligations and other arrangements? And what about the risks associated with these arrangements?

Failure to have insight and an overview of this matter can be very risky.

Manual data collection can be complex

HR and financial departments often have difficulties identifying all their obligations. And it can be demanding and time consuming for organisations to manually collect all necessary information. Which questions must be sent to national organisations; how do you make sure these questions are answered properly and how does one process the information one receives?

Global Benefits Inventory Tool asks smart questions…

PwC's Global Benefits Inventory Tool is a fully automatic online tool (in English), which only asks relevant questions to each local contact person. Things are made as easy as possible for respondents using explanations and, for example, multiple-choice questions that require little background knowledge. The answers are then automatically checked based on programmed dependencies.

Both the questions and the explanations can be easily modified to suit your specific situation. This means the tool can also be used for other inventories, e.g. for insurance policies agreed within your international organisation.


…and assumes responsibility for workflow management

The e-mail addresses of local contacts can be added to the Global Benefits Inventory Tool. The tool will then assume responsibility for all logistical actions that may have been performed manually by a coordinator.

Local respondents are automatically notified to complete the intuitive questionnaire online, and can also be sent reminders if necessary. Answers are automatically stored and respondents can easily restart where they left off. Answers and appendices are sent automatically to the central database and progress in completion can be monitored online.

Interactive reports as basis for optimisation

The results of the Global Benefits Inventory Tool are consolidated in an interactive report, which features a complete overview of your organisation’s pension obligations and employment conditions. This overview can offer the basis for establishing realistic policy, optimising existing policy and, for example, taking measures for dealing with financial risks.

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