Innovation in manufacturing

No digital transformation without innovation

The digitisation of companies is giving rise to new production methods, business models and markets. But in order to lend form to this digital transformation, your organisation’s powers of innovation are extremely important. ICT developments such as big data and Internet of Things are at the basis of innovative products, services and ways of working. Furthermore, pioneering technologies will inspire new possibilities – consider in this regard such things as 3D printing, sensor technology, nanotechnology, drones, robotics and new, advanced materials. 

Are you capable of organising the innovation role of your organisation in such a way that you will be making the most of the possibilities presented by digitisation?

Horizontal integration of the innovation value chain

Dutch companies are well known for their powers of innovation and competitive strength on a global scale. As a consequence of the digital revolution, however, these companies are not so much competing with other companies, but rather with other chains as part of an ecosystem. Amongst other things, this is forcing companies to engage in horizontal integration of their innovation value chain and more intensive interaction with designer, supplier, customer and end user.

"To speed up the digital transformation, an effective and efficient innovation function of your organization is of great importance."

Roger Quaedvlieg

Vertical integration in the organization

In addition to this horizontal integration, vertical integration needs to take shape within the business. After all, innovation pervades the entire organisation. Innovation processes within the company must be efficient and contribute to the business models changing due to digitisation.

How we can help you

Our specialists can help you optimise innovation in your organisation and thus progress your digital transformation. Below you will find a few examples of our services:

  • Turning the digital strategy into an innovation strategy that contributes towards your business transformation.
  • Carrying out innovation maturity assessments as input for a blueprint for the innovation model.
  • Developing and implementing an innovation operating model that will boost innovation output and reinforce the innovation role, from design to implementation.
  • Introducing innovation portfolio management that will monitor the progress and added value of innovation projects.
  • Expanding new partnerships to form mature ecosystems.
  • Mobilising public financing for innovations and digital transformation.

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