Automated Risk Insights

In most organizations, the financial performance of customers and counterparties is analysed manually. Risk assessments are therefore very time-consuming, while the result can turn out differently for each analysed company. Moreover, high-risk or problematic companies are sometimes missed or discovered too late and other companies can be incorrectly classified as high risk. Entering, processing and reading data therefore takes a disproportionate amount of time, while the insights obtained are insufficiently used.

A platform that facilitates automated risk analyses on the financial statements of customers, counterparties and suppliers.


  • A statistical model of the financial performance of individual companies that helps identify the risk of financial problems.
  • Cloud-based solution (Azure) with financial statements.
  • Visualisation of performance and risk indicators based on historical data and forecasts.
  • Use of PwC models to explain historical performance and predict financial problems.



Quality & consistency in (credit) risk analyses

  • Every risk analysis based on the same indicators and ratios for consistent output.
  • Quality assured through the use of reliable methods and state-of-the-art statistical models.
  • The user makes decisions based on data-driven insights.



  • Time saving when analyses are performed, with an automated audit trail.
  • Reduced effort makes it possible to gain more insights.
  • Identification of previously unknown risks.


New possibilities

  • Identification of sales opportunities, for example when companies need working capital.
  • Multiple sales opportunities through extensive analysis of the financial situation of companies.


Challenge 1: In-depth customer insight

Account managers within banks are expected to know in detail how their customers are doing. How are things financially? Are liquidity problems imminent? Are there opportunities for cross-selling? And how are the direct competitors performing? Collecting and keeping track of all this information takes a lot of time, while as an account manager you obviously have more to do - such as having a conversation with your customer. So how do you provide in-depth and up-to-date insight?

Challenge 2: Monitoring business portfolios

Credit risk managers have the task of keeping track of the overall status of the corporate loan portfolio. They need to have a precise understanding of the financial status of all their customers in order to be able to accurately assess the likelihood of loans being repaid. On this basis, the level of provisions for bad loans can be determined. It takes a large amount of time to zoom in on each individual customer however. Also, the existing internal data usually gives only a limited picture of what's going on with customers.

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