MyFinance for partner organisations

Complete peace of mind

MyFinance offers you complete peace of mind. Whether it involves published reports, annual figures, tax returns or any other compliance obligations. You have your own digital vault, which is safe and fully GDPR-proof. It will contain a clear overview of all your financial details. Within hand's reach. Easy and safe.

A fixed price

MyFinance offers quality at a fixed price. Clear and transparent. You will never face unpleasant surprises as far as costs are concerned. We will discuss your needs together. We will then offer a tailor-made package of services. Everything in keeping with your requirements. Would you like more? Then that is what we will give you.

Financial insight for partners and the organisation

Financial management requires a good overview. Are you a partner in a partnership or other joint venture? Then you want an exact insight into the financial status of the business. Are there any profits and what is your share? What are the financial risks and how do you keep your finger on the pulse? That is why we have developed MyFinance. A digital platform that offers you a real time insight into your financial situation as well as the finance situation of your company.

Advice from top consultants

MyFinance offers you direct access to our top consultants. They will assist you with ideas and have considerable experience with partner organisations. Advice specific to each phase of your partner career.

If necessary, our advisers can visit your company during the fixed consultation days.

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Almar van Keulen

Almar van Keulen

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)65 335 61 27

Marvin Wentink

Marvin Wentink

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)61 372 23 32

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