The rules of play for financing

Your business strategy requires financial resources. However, there are many financing initiatives and providers in the current financial market. Which type of financing best suits your strategy and needs? We can help you to secure financing so you can continue working on the future of your business.

New rules of play

The rules of play for financing have changed fundamentally. Due to new regulations, banks are establishing stricter requirements when providing credit. At the same time, a range of other players, like credit funds, institutional investors and investment funds, are also offering credit to Dutch companies.

The best conditions

With our background in the banking world, we speak the language of prospective financiers, but also remain independent. And we use our strengths to your benefit. This allows you to secure enough borrowed capital to achieve your plans under the best conditions.

How we can help

Tell us about your ambitions and challenges. These will determine the form of financing that is best suited to you. We can help you to identify the various possibilities, select the most suitable form of financing, attract new funding, refinance existing debts or restructure your current financing by:

  • Developing a suitable financing structure
  • Distributing financing demand throughout the market
  • Negotiating financing terms and conditions
  • Supporting you in the preparation of legal documentation

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Renate de Lange-Snijders

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Niels Govers

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