New technologies and FinTech play a very important role when improving banking convenience for customers. Three quarters of senior professionals in the financial sector (interview in the 'PwC Global FinTech survey’) believe traditional players have placed greater focus on customers due to pressure from FinTech companies. Whether it's a case of technology push or market pull, customers expect more convenience from banks. The main motivating factor for adopting technology is the changing attitude of customers towards technology. In recent years, the use of technology has become such a fundamental part of our daily lives that consumers will also be more likely to use new technological possibilities when it comes to banking products. 

Customers feel user experience is one of the most important aspects in the relationship with their bank. This user experience, for example, is determined by:

• direct interaction with the bank, and products and services that work immediately (instant) and offer a high degree of security and quality;

• omni-channel, with emphasis on mobility: any time, any place, instantly and intuitively;

• simple (seamless), orderly and understandable;

• transparent, clear and comparable;

• more personal and relevant offers.


• Established institutions view themselves as less customer-oriented than FinTech: "Among the respondents that regard themselves customer-centric, 77% put FinTech at the heart of their strategy. While among the respondents that see themselves as slightly customer-centric, only 27% put FinTech at the same level."

• Push implies that an innovation is driven by technological innovation or FinTech and pull implies that innovation is developed in response to needs identified in the market.

Future of banking - Convenience

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