CCH Tagetik + PwC

Digital transformation finance function

The digital transformation of the finance function is becoming a challenge in more and more organisations. The CFO domain can only make an optimal contribution to the strategic management of the organisation if the data and processes meet the highest standards.

Legislation and regulations also put increasing pressure on matters such as data quality, speed of delivery and transparency. Organisations are renewing their general ledger and reporting systems to make manual collected data and the use of spreadsheets a source of the past.

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CCH Tagetik

Implementation of CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik (Wolters Kluwer) is a software platform that brings together all the data for the finance function: both data for performance management and compliance with legislation and regulations (IFRS, GAAP, Solvency II, Basel/CRD, Tax).

PwC helps organizations implement CCH Tagetik and integrate with their processes and end users. We combine our knowledge of CCH Tagetik with expertise in IT, finance and legislation and regulations so that customers can take an important step in their digital transformation.

Global experience

As CCH Tagetik's first strategic partner, PwC has gained extensive project experience worldwide since 2008 in a variety of industries, including the financial sector, listed companies and private companies. We have been elected partner of the year several times by CCH Tagetik.

Full implementation including:

  • Analytical data processing
  • Budget, Forecast & Plan
  • Consolidation
  • Control equipment and optimisation
  • Disclosure management
  • IFRS16
  • IFRS17
  • Solvency II
  • Tax provision & reporting

PwC’s tax provision & reporting-solution

PwC developed the tax provision & reporting solution for CCH Tagetik, based on international best practices and standards (IAS 12/US GAAP). With this module, we make tax part of an integrated finance platform. This makes it a unique solution in the market.

PwC's tax provision & reporting solution will greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporate tax processes. This will enable organisations to better meet the increasing regulatory and reporting requirements of tax authorities. Furthermore, this module is an important step in the digitisation of tax, which can be used to increase the strategic role of tax within the organisation.

Because we tailor our implementation to the specific needs of the customer, you are assured of a user-friendly solution. It is important that all data from the CFO domain for determining and reporting your tax position automatically comes from the CCH Tagetik platform. This means the end of the spreadsheet jungle - manual processes can be reduced by up to 90%.

Why PwC's tax provision & reporting solution?

  • Higher data quality and data consistency through a single source of truth within the CFO domain.
  • Complete end-to-end audit trail of all tax data and activities.
  • Increased operational efficiency and short lead times during financial closings.
  • Strategic insights into the tax position