Whistleblowing & Allegation Management

Dealing with (alleged) wrongdoing

The reporting of wrongdoing by one of your employees requires the implementation of necessary internal precautionary measures, such as the establishment of a whistleblower hotline. An effective reporting system can protect your reputation and prevent financial and legal losses. PwC can help you set up a whistleblower hotline and procedure in order to ensure that you avoid unnecessary risks and safeguard your integrity.

Prevention and control

Employees who suspect (serious) wrongdoing should be able to report their concerns to an internal or external whistleblower hotline. The existence of such a hotline gives your employees the option of confidentially reporting wrongdoing (such as fraud, theft or bribery) and helps you stay in control.

5 key milestones in setting up an effective whistleblower system

  • Gain top-level commitment.
  • Develop company policy on whistleblower (protection) procedures and the reporting of suspected wrongdoing and non-observance of protocol.
  • Develop whistleblower procedures and wrongdoing exposure mechanisms that rectify irregularities and violations of integrity.
  • Develop and integrate a disclosure of wrongdoing and whistleblower protection management programme.
  • Report, monitor and assess the effectiveness of management measures.

How we can help

PwC can provide optimal support before, during and after the reporting of wrongdoing.
We can assist with:

  • Preparation of specially tailored procedures and guidelines and implementation of an effective whistleblower system
  • Establishment of an internal or external ‘whistleblower hotline’
  • Independent investigation of suspected wrongdoing
  • Communication of  solutions and recommendations throughout your organisation

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