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Meeting legislative and regulatory requirements in the Netherlands and the US

The Netherlands and the US have maintained intensive trade contacts for decades. Trade relations between the two countries flourish not only because of the affluent markets on both sides of the Pond, but also because of the tax incentives in the Netherlands. Sound advice on taxation issues, financial structures and other tax matters can help eliminate unnecessary costs.


For US companies seeking to establish or increase their market foothold in the Netherlands and/or other European countries, the PwC US Business Service Centre is a good place to start. The US Business Service Centre adopts a Pan-European approach in order to set up the most advantageous structure for US multinationals investing in Europe.

Investing in the US

Dutch entrepreneurs investing in the US need to meet legislative and regulatory requirements in the Netherlands and the US. The Dutch and US tax experts who man the US Business Service Centre can assist you with your international activities. These services are provided by our consultants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and a team of Dutch tax experts at our New York office.

What can you expect from PwC?

  • Tax optimisation of existing structures and transactions
  • Tax optimisation of (European) holding structures
  • Advice on financing transactions
  • Knowledge and practical application of the tax treaty between the Netherlands and the US
  • Advice on acquisitions and investment (and divestment) plans
  • An integrated team of Dutch and US specialists
  • The US Business Service Centre has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and New York

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