The benefits of using artificial intelligence in HR

HR departments are often miles behind when it comes to making use of digitisation, data analysis and disruptive technologies. People find themselves wondering about what trends such as artificial intelligence could mean to their organisations.

Not later, but now

The labour market is changing, and so are the digital and other requirements that candidates and employees set for organisations. We see  rapid and continuous changes in the way that jobs, employees, teams and organisational structures work together. HR has the key task of responding to these issues, and this cannot be done anymore without technology. By using artificial intelligence in one of its many forms, HR could achieve greater efficiency, a more pronounced impact on the organisation and huge cost savings. This approach could even serve to increase turnover and profits.

The human factor remains as important as ever

HR cannot afford anymore to ignore these developments. The human factor and the assessments of managers and recruiters remain of great importance, but the extent to which analytics and artificial intelligence can analyse and assess behaviour, habits, work ethics, willingness to change and cultural matches with your organisation goes far beyond what people are able to do. Not to mention the speed with which it can be done. HR would be well advised to adopt the use of digital technologies such as data analysis and artificial intelligence in the processes at all levels of its organisation and in the HR function itself.

Analysis of developments

In this whitepaper we discuss possible applications for HR. We have organised a round table about AI in HR with a technology partner and clients. Together with research and analysis of market developments, this whitepaper described the experiences we have gained in this area.

Is this topic of interest to you? Feel free to download the whitepaper or contact us.


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