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Greater diversity means greater benefits for everyone

The success of our organisation stands or falls with the quality and diversity of our employees. Surprising insights as well as innovative and unconventional solutions for our clients can arise from a mixture of points of view, cultures, knowledge and experiences. So diversity has been one of our cornerstones for many years now.

Diversity is not a hype, not a fad and not a statutory obligation. And it’s not just about gender. The essence of diversity is that everyone has their own qualities, regardless of sex, origin or sexual orientation. And if we draw on all these qualities we enrich ourselves. We are working towards an inclusive culture, which is honest, open and safe for everyone. That means that you should be able to be yourself and feel comfortable at work.

A variety of employees helps us to develop our innovative abilities still further and to provide better service to our clients. Our diversity policy also ties in with social developments and contributes to an inspirational work environment. We have an extensive diversity programme designed to recognise, value and make the best use of all these different talents; you can read more about this in our Diversity magazine. In the short film below our employees talk about the value of Diversity for them.