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In a world that is digitising faster than ever, the question is not whether you will join in, but how. PwC can help you with this by creating new value at the intersection of business transformation, customer experience, and technology. From strategy through execution.

BXT: Business, eXperience en Technology

Digital is not a goal in itself. Technology and digital solutions support our approach to your issue, whether that involves transforming your business model or solving a problem. PwC has always excelled at this, and we are carrying that over to the digital age.

Based on your strategic agenda, we gather together our experts from various disciplines. These might include anyone from our strategy and transformation specialists, customer experience designers, and data analysts, to our cyber security experts and technology consultants. They work seamlessly together, with one another an with you, from strategy through implementation.

We call this our BXT approach: a combination of Business, eXperience, and Technology.


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Privacy and the GDPR

Privacy and the GDPR

Finding the right balance between using personal data and protecting privacy is one of the biggest challenges of the digital age. All organisations that process personal data within the European Union will have to deal with new rules, including those provided in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Digital transformation

Digital technology is changing organisations, products, and services, and it is a source of innovation. Digitisation means that customer expectations are changing as rapidly as technology itself. Companies and institutions are facing the challenging of undergoing a digital transformation that will bring about many internal changes, while external parties are looking for ways to offer end-users the optimal customer experience.

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Cyber security

Businesses and institutions are using increasing amounts of digital technology to handle their internal business processes, services, and products. The opportunities offered by digitisation also entail issues of cyber security. Digital security issues, such as identity & access management, have become necessities at every organisation, as has the careful handling of privacy-sensitive data.

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Data Analytics

Organisations have enormous quantities of data, most of it digital. Those who can effectively apply data analytics gain valuable insights into their customers and products, business operations and staff. Big Data is the starting point for a differentiated customer experience, process improvement, and risk modelling.

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Technology alliances

The digital solutions offered by tech companies are essential to optimising business operations. PwC offers specialised advice on the products and services provided by companies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Workday. Our technology alliances allow us to offer your organisation the best available solutions, from strategy through execution.

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