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We explore new ways of what’s possible, designing immersive experiences and bring them to life.

Experience Consulting

To solve important problems and build trust in society is what we do at PwC. That means we need to create empathy, and be innovative in making what's next. As experience consultants we bring a new way of exploring what's possible, designing immersive experiences and bringing them to life.

As Experience Consultants, we always put people at the center of everything we do. Our digitally enabled solutions ensure that clients meet the expectations of the end users - whether these are clients’ consumers, employees or citizens.

Experience consulting

Our Way of Working

Our clients face increasingly complex challenges. They need more than strategic advice or a new software package. Clients ask for solutions that work, and that directly contribute to the realization of their objectives - no powerpoints, but implemented improvements that deliver tangible results. This requires us to work differently, to approach challenges differently and to offer integrated and end-to-end solutions.

To really help our clients, we as Experience specialists design solutions along the lines of "Business, eXperience and Technology". BXT is a different way of thinking. BXT is a mentality, a way of thinking in solving complex problems.

A purpose-designed space allows us to do this, to work differently, and accelerate to deliver outcomes faster. That’s why we work from our Experience Center, an unique environment, specifically designed to fulfill PwC's ambition to stand out in the market. The Experience Center space is a living and breathing physical space that is home to alternative workspaces, collaboration and co-creation spaces where BXT comes to life.

Our creative workspace in Amsterdam is larger than 500 sqm.

We are business strategists, creative minds, and tech lovers.

From MBAs to Masters of Fine Arts to Masters of Computer Science, from industry experts to experience consultants, designers and technologists, the PwC Experience Center is a global community of 850+ makers of which around 35 are working in NL. Together, we have the rigor and analysis to identify and solve the big problems, and the creativity and ingenuity to make those ideas real.

We work together in multidisciplinary teams to define, decide, build and scale:

  • Digital & Experience Strategy
  • New Products & Services
  • Digital ‘people’ Enablement
  • Experience-led Growth
PwC Experience Center NL

Core capabilities

Our team is built up in four core capabilities. However, our teams are fluid and always work together with lots of interchangeable skills!

Experience Strategy “We define the right problem to design for desirable human experiences based on a deep understanding of business, context and people's needs.”

Skill set examples:

  • UX Researchers
  • Brand Strategists
  • Innovation Strategists
  • Business & Service Designers

Experience Design “We ideate, co-create, prototype and design tangible and testable human-centered experiences for our users.”

Skill set examples:

  • UX Designers                       
  • UI Designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Motion Design

Product Management "We make sure the customer's needs are at the heart of every big and small decision in our projects."

Skill set examples:

  • Product Managers
  • (Technical) Business Analysts
  • Agile Coaches

Digital technology “We bring experiences to life by enabling digital transformation through our online products e.g. platforms, dashboards and native apps.”

Skill set examples:

  • Solution Architects
  • Software Designers
  • Front-end & Back-end Developers
  • DevOps
  • Mobile developer

One team. No handoffs.

Some companies try to reduce friction by keeping different roles walled off from each other and only pulling them in when needed. We see things differently. We believe in the power of perspective and teaming, where each view makes the whole stronger. We free people from their traditional departments and roles to drive empowerment and teamwork!

Accelerate your career at PwC

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Interview Floor - Experience Strategy Manager at the Experience Centre

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, I am Floor and I am Experience Strategy Manager at the Experience Centre. I studied Industrial Design in Delft and have worked in service design, customer experience, strategy and UX on both the client and agency side. I am a creative person who likes to discover and do new things. I also get a lot of energy from good teamwork. I have been working at PwC since 2019. 

How did you end up at PwC?

I was curious to know what an Experience Strategist does when I happened to see it on LinkedIn. This description suited me so well that I contacted them, even though I didn't yet know the Experience Centre at the time. In the end, enthusiastic colleagues managed to convinced me! This place is a hidden gem where business, experience and technology come together and you can work with smart and diverse people worldwide, with plenty of room for personal development. I believe that it is precisely this mix of perspectives that is key to solving complex problems and that, as a creative person, you can provide added value. 

What does your working day look like?

Very varied! On the one hand the work is substantive: collaborating on proposals, managing projects, researching the problem, interviewing people, writing a strategy, devising and facilitating creative solutions, implementing solutions and managing stakeholders. In addition, I participate in the further development of the team: coaching colleagues, interviewing new people, working on team initiatives and getting to know the network. And, of course, it also involves working extensively on your personal goals with access to a lot of training and knowledge.


Berry Driessen

Berry Driessen

Experience Consulting Lead, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)63 987 32 71

Annemieke Mol

Director, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)61 336 67 67

Linda Smits

Linda Smits

Recruiter Professionals Advisory Consulting, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)63 819 90 49