Technology Consulting

Everything you do today is enabled by technology. We define new visions and deliver technological solutions to let companies compete and grow.

Technology is becoming increasingly important in society and technological innovations are rapidly succeeding each other. Data analytics and the latest technologies give our clients a head start within their sectors and enable them to respond more quickly and adequately to crisis situations and market developments. Our teams specialize in technology strategies, architecture and business applications so that our clients are at the forefront of their sector. 

Typical of working within Technology at PwC is our BXT approach. Major transformation projects require more than just strategic or technological advice. If we really want to implement change, it's more about the integral approach to technology and we use the three pillars to do so: Business, eXperience and Technology. When a problem is viewed from all these perspectives, unique solutions emerge that bring about major transformation and innovations. In everything we do, we keep the end user in mind, his or her experience always remains central.

What are you going to do?

The development programmes we offer ensure that you, as a starter, get to know all facets of our services and the diversity of our clients. This programme is a process of continuous learning and gaining experience, from tackling company-wide changes to implementing a transformation strategy, from analysing processes and systems to advising on the use of innovative applications. 



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Our technology consulting teams

Digital Strategy & Technology Transformation

At Digital Strategy & Technology Transformation, you help our clients to design and shape tremendous technological opportunities to give them an edge over their competitors in everything they do.



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Experience Center

Our Experience Center is the heart of our BXT method. The Experience Center is a physical space, in which business experts, developers, user experience designers, industrial designers, creative people, customers and end users can collaborate on unique and sustainable experiences and services and effectively innovate together: creative thinking, co-creation and prototyping and testing solutions. This is where you come in if you like to work on the most technological ideas in a creative environment. 


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HR Technology

Within HR Technology you work on various projects within large (international) companies and government institutions. HR Technology always revolves around improving the HR experience by means of the latest technologies, such as implementing digital HR systems, optimising HR processes and advising our clients on how to use new innovative ideas to respond faster, better and deeper to their own HR data.


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Risk Technology

In our Data Analytics and Risk Technologies team, you will work on various issues in all sectors, on topics such as:
  • Data architecture and integration
  • Cloud / digital / big data platforms
  • Business Intelligence and predictive analysis tools
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Enterprise Application & Cloud Specialists

Our Enterprise Application & Cloud Specialists help our customers implement the next generation of cloud-based and hybrid infrastructure such as (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Google, Workday, Salesforce and others). If you are an expert on one of these applications, we would like to have you in one of our teams.


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IT Transformation & Agile Delivery

Implementing new IT systems and implementing the technology at our customers, from project management to training the new users at our customers. 


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Digital Design & Development

We design and develop new digital solutions using the latest cloud and other supporting technologies, from the customer-focused front office layers to the back office. This is carried out through activities such as design, UX, prototyping, design thinking and all steps of the software development lifecycle.


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Technology consulting

As a Technology Consultant in the Financial Sector at PwC, you'll be part of a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to solve complex customer issues in the context of major IT transformations. You will advise the management of leading financial institutions on strategic and operational Technology issues. In addition to advising on an IT issue, you also supervise the implementation of the advice. Projects vary from a few months to two years. Most clients are large banks and insurers. Think of modernizing the IT landscape of banks, digitizing the business models of insurers, to implement new technology to achieve a better customer experience at a lower cost.


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