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The biggest challenges revolve around three pillars: Business, eXperience and Technology (BXT).

Digital transformation is about people. People who are in contact with each other, who work together, provide and purchase services, make and buy products. Technology is changing the way people experience that contact. And that change demands a response.

In order to cope with the complexity of large transformation projects, nowadays more is needed than just strategic or technological advice. The biggest challenges revolve around three pillars: Business, eXperience and Technology (BXT). When a problem is viewed from all these perspectives, solutions emerge that would not have been conceived if only one perspective had been taken. 

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Multidisciplinary work is the starting point of the BXT method. Business experts, developers, user experience designers, industrial designers, creative people, customers and end users work together to create unique and sustainable experiences and services. The Experience Center acts as a physical space in which we can innovate together and within short periods of time: creative thinking, co-creation and testing prototypes and solutions. Through agility, the lean-start-up method and design thinking, we investigate the impact of digital transformation together with the client.

Sometimes digital transformation is a wide-ranging project in which a company is completely overhauled, from the IT department to product design and customer contact. More often, digital transformation is a succession of initiatives in small, iterative steps in which a company finds a better connection to the digital world.




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