Corporate Group

Corporate Group is een Business Unit met diverse expertises die rechtstreeks rapporteert aan de Raad van Bestuur. Deze expertises opereren vanuit een intern perspectief als Business Partner voor onze business. 

Our expertise


Het AddValue team ondersteunt collega's die naar de klanten toegaan bij het doorlopen van het precontractuele onderdeel van de risk management procedures.

Met uitgebreide kennis van de (global) systemen, procedures en wetgeving ontzorgen wij enerzijds de collega's die naar de klanten toegaan terwijl tegelijkertijd de compliance wordt verhoogd. Daarbij staat persoonlijke aandacht voorop, de leden van AddValue staan dichtbij de collega's die naar de klanten toegaan: door middel van o.a. interviews met de collega's wordt duidelijk waar nieuwe opdrachten over gaan en worden de collega's bij de hand genomen in het stap voor stap doorlopen van de relevante procedures.

AddValue vormt daarbij de schakel tussen de collega's die naar de klanten toegaan en de andere riskmanagement gerelateerde afdelingen binnen PwC en fungeert als zodanig ook als eerstelijns vraagbaak. Ons team biedt ook ondersteuning in bredere zin: in samenwerking met andere afdelingen worden onboarding sessies met nieuwe collega’s gehouden over de procedures, de ondersteuning die hen wordt geboden en vergroot zo ook de bewustwording van het belang van compliance.

Het team van Addvalue kenmerkt zich door een grote diversiteit, een zeer dienstverlenende en professionele instelling en een sterke teamspirit.

Compliance Office

Society’s expectations of PwC’s work can be complex and is subject to constant change. As the Compliance team, we keep a watchful eye on relevant trends and external developments and take them into account when monitoring our organisation.

Our team oversees PwC’s quality policy and quality control system. We also facilitate PwC’s relationship with various external regulators, such as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), on behalf of the Assurance, Tax, and Advisory Lines of Service and Internal Firm Services. We report our observations three times a year to the Board of Management and Supervisory Board and monitor their follow-up.

Our work calls for an open mind, a powerful social antenna, and the ability to be proactive and raise awkward questions. We do all this based on the idea of appreciative supervision in which we recognise what is going well and offer constructive criticism based on PwC’s values. 

Corporate Sustainability

Our Corporate Sustainability (CS) team helps to fulfil our purpose by developing services that meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders. This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we have embraced and integrated into our strategy. In our CS programme, this strategy consists of the following three priorities:

To achieve full circularity in our operations by 2030. This means: no waste, no emissions, and optimal use or reuse of materials. We focus on the following impact areas: car mobility, air and train mobility, energy, waste, and procurement. We have identified several targets in this transformation, including converting our fleet of vehicles to one that is 100% electric by 2025.

To contribute to the growth and professionalism of social enterprises, because we believe that we, our clients, and society can learn a great deal from them. We do this by applying our knowledge and skills for the benefit of society by carrying out pro bono work for social enterprises. PwC supports more than 150 social enterprises by providing more than 39,000 hours of pro bono service each year. For a list of our current projects see the Maximising Potential platform.

To integrate the SDGs into the PwC Netherlands strategy and not only align existing policy but also take extra steps to reduce our negative and increase our positive impact. For example, we are developing various services to raise client and employee awareness of the SDGs and to explain how they too can contribute to the SDGs so that we can tackle critical problems together.

Corporate Sustainability is at the heart of our work and our services. As part of the CS team, you will have the opportunity to help build a better world in a constantly changing environment. You will do this as part of a young and dynamic team of dedicated CS professionals. If you would like to find out more about what we do in CS, click here.

Diversity Office

The purpose of our Diversity Office is to promote Diversity & Inclusion at PwC. The team advises the Board of Management on related policies and projects and ensures that these are implemented throughout the organisation. We work closely with the business and with the HR Advisory and Recruitment departments, among others. One of our activities is to provide training on such matters as unconscious bias, cultural differences, and inclusive leadership. We also liaise closely with our four internal diversity networks and with external parties that promote Diversity & Inclusion.

Because we aim to offer sound advice, we have made a point in recent years of monitoring the impact of our work by analysing the breakdown, recruitment, and departure of specific target groups (male/female, cultural backgrounds) at job and department level. Our analysis allows us to identify specific areas of concern and to tailor our policies accordingly.

As a Diversity Office professional, you will have the opportunity to get involved in and make an impact on this important issue. We can make a difference as a team and you will have the chance to channel your passion and drive across a broad spectrum of activities. Our aim is to unlock your potential and, most importantly, allow you to grow as a professional. 

Compliance & Independence

The Compliance & Independence Office advises internal customers on four specialist topics: Firm Independence, Personal Independence, Relationship Checking, and Know Your Client. The team is divided into managers and consultants, with managers having several focus areas and consultants specialising in one discipline, with the option of mastering a second one.

The Compliance & Independence Office assists PwC employees with their everyday compliance and independence tasks, sees that the relevant laws and rules are applied, and works to improve data quality in national and international systems. The team is known for its diligence and conviviality, so you will quickly feel at home. The team members work and perform their individual tasks with complete mutual transparency. The operational team has a weekly meeting during which it reviews ongoing matters. It is joined once a month by the management, who sketch a clear picture of their concerns. This ensures that the Compliance & Independence Office works efficiently and encourages everyone to tackle each day with renewed vigour.

The team also liaises with various tiers within the organisation and maintains international contacts with other PwC offices. The Compliance & Independence team is based in Amsterdam. It is also working on digitalising work processes to make them more efficient and is developing new work specifications so that everything is immediately clear to new employees. 

Internal Audit

At Internal Audit, we advise our stakeholders on the quality of process controls to help them to achieve their stated objectives. We do this by performing internal audits addressing relevant topics (based on risk analysis and materiality), for example finance, procurement, and other support processes, Business Continuity Management, or privacy legislation. We also conduct special audits at the request of the Board of Management or Audit Committee, for example of certain suppliers or of compliance with particular agreements.

As an Internal Auditor at PwC, you will be part of a team of dedicated professionals and have the chance to make a difference in a constantly changing environment. We believe it is important for you to build on your talent. Internal Audit will give you that opportunity and allow you to work on your career, both within and outside the department. If you are looking for a professional Internal Audit position that will bring out the best in you, see our job openings below.

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is PwC’s legal affairs department. OGC handles all legal matters that arise within PwC and also staffs some of the executive secretarial positions (secretarial support for the Board of Management and Supervisory Board). Our department offers legal and practical guidance in the broadest sense to the entire internal PwC organisation.

OGC consists of five close-knit teams: Commercial Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Employment Law, Privacy & Data Protection, and the Executive Secretarial team (including Partner Affairs). OGC has its own secretarial staff. Given PwC’s size and diversity, OGC’s work is also very diverse. In addition to our involvement in the contracts and initiatives of PwC’s various Lines of Service (Assurance, Tax, and Advisory), we are also called in to assist Internal Firm Services, Human Capital and other departments with internal matters related to compliance and other legal aspects of the firm’s policy and its implementation.

This broad range of issues and our cooperation with various PwC professionals in the Netherlands and internationally ensure a challenging, stimulating, and dynamic working environment that will call on you to make full use of your knowledge and skills.  

Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs

PwC offers guidance in a way that facilitates progress for our clients, our employees, and society at large.

We do this in a rapidly changing world in which our stakeholders – our employees, our clients, NGOs, politicians, civil servants, and many others – have ever-changing expectations of PwC’s services and its role in the community. We can only offer true guidance if we truly understand these expectations and take real action on them.

That is what the Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs team does. We work with our colleagues on communicating with a wide-ranging group of stakeholders to find out what they expect from PwC. Armed with this information, we engage in internal discussions and consider how we can improve our services and role in the community and drive forward change. We do all this to make PwC a better organisation, one that operates at the heart of society and that lives up to stakeholder expectations whenever possible.

Wherever PwC can offer guidance by engaging in public debate, our department joins our spokespersons in making this possible by expressing PwC’s views in opinion columns, comments on draft legislation, discussions with stakeholders, and debates that we organise.

The Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs department was established in late 2018 and currently consists of four individuals with backgrounds in politics, public affairs, and communication who have been with PwC for up to six years. Our team is known for its well-tuned social antenna, keen and critical eye, and perseverance.


Procurement handles the contracts with PwC’s suppliers. The department focuses on internal customers and is responsible for concluding contracts with a purchase value in excess of €25,000. PwC’s annual total purchase value is approximately €180 million. Procurement cooperates with member firms in Europe on a project-by-project basis. It seeks staff who can work independently, think analytically, and are able to liaise between all the various stakeholders in the procurement process.

The team consists of approximately eight Category Managers and Back Office Assistants. Each Category Manager has their own area of responsibility, such as Facility, IT, Marketing, HC and Travel & Events. The Back Office Assistants support the Category Managers where necessary and ensure proper administration and procedures.

The Procurement department anticipates changes in the organisation and in society, taking full advantage of opportunities in the procurement market. Its aims are:

  • the Right Quality
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Compliance
  • Responsible and Sustainable Procurement (RSP).

The Category Manager and budget holder together draw up the specifications, known as a Request for Proposal (RFP). The Category Manager then selects the supplier and negotiates the contract. You will work closely with our internal Legal, Compliance, and Corporate Responsibility specialists to conclude successful contracts. Your input is also critical in such areas as market development, relationship management, and the ongoing development of the PwC procurement process. 

Risk & Quality

Every organisation faces potential risks, and PwC is no exception. Such risks can range from legislative and regulatory changes, competitor actions, and new technologies to IT hackers and even terrorism and natural disasters. They can have negative financial consequences and/or result in reputational damage. Each risk must be assessed and evaluated, the aim being to take or order appropriate action with a view to minimising its impact.

The assessment and any necessary mitigation measures are carried out by PwC’s various Risk & Quality departments. Risk & Quality focuses on issues that transcend the Lines of Service as well as on Internal Firm Service matters and global risks. Current projects include monitoring and testing PwC-wide risks and associated mitigation measures, GDPR, implementation and risk assessment of new and existing applications, managing data and the application landscape within Internal Firm Services, Know-Your-Client processes, Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis, and maintaining control of PwC Netherlands.

The work carried out in this department requires analytical thinking, an independent mindset, the ability to cope with stress, flexibility, strong communication skills, and a knack for coordinating the various projects. Given the broad nature of these projects, organisational sensitivity and the ability to communicate at different levels are essential.