Terms and conditions of employment

With PwC's terms of employment, you can shape the development of your career and personal life at any time.

PwC's General Terms of Employment are subject to change. The conditions below are indicative. You can discuss specific conditions with the respective recruiter.

Performance-based compensation

We offer a competitive base salary based on your position and experience. The amount of your salary also depends on your performance and how you develop. We aim to reward performance, recognize exceptional talent, and promote progression. In addition, all employees are eligible for a bonus scheme, partly based on company performance and partly on individual performance.

Job grade & wages

Leave arrangements

Depending on your position, you are entitled to 30 or 32 vacation days per year. Additionally, you can take unpaid leave and annually 'buy' or 'sell' a certain number of extra vacation days.

We also have two optional public holidays: Ascension Day and/or Whit Monday. You have the choice to retain these two days as public holidays or exchange them for other holidays that align with your religious or cultural background, such as Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year, or Passover.

Leave arrangements
Paternity leave

The paternity leave (for the partner of the mother) amounts to a maximum of six times the agreed weekly working hours (at the time of birth). During the first two weeks of paternity leave, you will be fully paid (legally, this is one week of full payment), and then you will receive 70% of your salary during this leave. These days can be taken up to 6 months after the birth. You have the option to supplement this 70% to 100% payment by using the PwC Healthcare Budget.

Study leave

Your development is central at PwC. Therefore, we consider it important that you continue to develop professionally and personally. We have a study scheme that enables you to pursue various internal or external courses and training programs. We cover the costs of these courses and allow you to study (partly) during working hours if you have PwC's permission.


Of course, we also have a pension scheme. We allocate an annual premium – depending on age and income – for pension accrual. You can determine how your premiums are invested for the accumulation of your pension capital.

pensioen, student

Work-life balance

We value a good balance between work and personal life. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to work part-time. You can change the number of hours you work four times a year. Additionally, we give you the flexibility to adjust your working hours and offer a flexitime arrangement. This means that if you work more hours than the agreed working hours on a day, you can compensate by working fewer hours on another day within 30 days following the day you worked extra.

Work-life balance
Well-being budget

Furthermore, we provide you with a budget for your own well-being, which can include personal coaching, mindfulness training, and access to courses to improve your work-life balance. Other possible uses of your well-being budget include sports equipment, massages, yoga classes, and activity trackers.


Through our corporate fitness scheme, you can become a member of gyms affiliated with our network at a discounted rate. You can also use Onefit through this network, which gives you access to gyms and workouts. Additionally, there is a Fit20 studio at our Amsterdam office. You can pay for the Fit20 subscription through your well-being budget.


Lease car

You are eligible for a leased car from a certain position onwards. A different car category is provided per position. With this car, you can travel both privately and for business, including abroad. We aim to have a CO2-neutral fleet by 2025.

You can also opt-out of the leased car scheme, in which case you will receive a car opt-out allowance and can also use the Mobility as a Service scheme.

Green Car Policy

PwC's Green Car Policy encourages choosing an eco-friendly leased car and promoting eco-friendly driving behavior or opting for an electric car. The standard lease amount is increased if you order a more eco-friendly car and decreased if you order a less eco-friendly car.

If you are not eligible for the car lease scheme (immediately), you can use:

  • Mobility as a Service, for business travel. You can use suitable transportation options such as public transport and various shared (electric) bicycles, scooters, and cars. This allows us to continue meeting our net-zero ambitions;
  • Travel expense reimbursement, a reimbursement of €0.23 net per kilometer traveled;
  • Lease bike: if you are eligible for the commuting expense reimbursement and opt for the provision of a leased bike, you are entitled to a lease contribution of up to €98 (excluding VAT) per month.

Personal development

Each position has a competency profile, outlining the specific knowledge and skills required to fulfill the role effectively. With the help of our performance, coaching, and development system, you can track your own development and the skills and knowledge you need to acquire for career advancement.

Personal development

Your development is a top priority for us. To achieve our purpose and strategic vision, we want to equip you with a skill-set that enables you to address the various challenges of our clients and society. Our learning and development offerings help you achieve your development goals through a range of learning opportunities. Not only in terms of professional skills but also in areas such as leadership development and developing broad relationship skills. Throughout your career at PwC, we offer numerous learning opportunities that allow you to develop yourself and add value to our clients. In addition to our learning and development offerings, we provide opportunities for external coaching, personal, and technical training.

Internet & remote work allowance

You are entitled to a monthly allowance of €45 for an internet connection at your home address.

Additionally, you receive a fixed remote working allowance based on two telecommuting days per week, regardless of your position, of €16.50 net per month.

Internet allowance

Additional conditions

Collective insurances

If you work at PwC, you and your family members can, at a reduced rate, make use of various collective insurances, including car insurance, travel and baggage insurance, and health insurance.

Group insurance policies
WGA gap insurance

A WGA gap insurance ensures that your dependents retain enough income if something happens to you suddenly. You automatically participate, on a non-selective basis, in the WGA gap insurance, unless you prefer not to participate in this insurance.

Relocation allowance

Subject to certain conditions, you may be eligible for reimbursement of the following relocation costs: a tax-free allowance for transportation costs of household goods, including packing and insurance, a net allowance for redecoration costs of €7,750, and a student scheme that entitles you to a net contribution towards relocation and furnishing costs of €1,000.

Childcare compensation

If you work part-time and work on a roster-free day at PwC's request, you are entitled to compensation for paid childcare, up to a maximum of €20 gross per hour.