Application procedure

How can I apply for a job at PwC?

You've seen an interesting vacancy and would like to apply. Take a look at the procedure* here and take a look at some more tips before you start the interview!


* Your procedure may differ slightly from the standard procedure, depending on the position you're applying for.

Application procedure

Online application

Upload your CV and motivation letter

Your first step towards your job at PwC is an online application. A recruiter will assess your CV and motivation and will contact you to invite you for an online assessment.

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Online assessment

Make an online assessment

The online assessment consists of questions about your personality and tests your abilities. We will test your verbal and numerical skills, because we will make a strong appeal to you during your job.

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First interview

Interview with colleagues

The assessment is followed by an interview. For your job, you will conduct an in-depth interview. During both interviews you will get to know colleagues from the field. Of course we would like to get to know you. But it is just as important that you get to know us better.

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Second interview

Interview for knowledge and skills

If the first interview went well, we would like to invite you for a second interview with the manager, director or partner of the group where you will be working. This interview will focus on your knowledge and skills of the profession. Your expectations of the position will also be discussed.

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PwC is happy to offer you a contract

If the interviews and any assessment have shown that you are the right person to strengthen PwC, we will be happy to offer you a contract.

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Is the procedure completely clear and do you want to prepare the conversation properly? Then take a look at our application tips and make sure you are well prepared to start your application. 


Do you have any questions?

Do you still have questions about the procedure or other questions? Please contact one of our recruiters.