Application tips

Eight tips for successful applications

Applying for a job or internship can be nerve-wracking. After all, nobody applies for positions they don't want! The following practical tips will help you maximise your chances of a career at PwC. The chances are that at least one will be useful.

Use your CV to clearly distinguish yourself from other students

Naturally, as a student, your CV will predominantly consist of information about your education rather than an extensive list of employers. We therefore especially want to hear what you do outside your studies, what part-time jobs and volunteer work you have done and whether you are active in any associations. And don't forget to mention your hobbies! This information helps to paint a more complete picture of who you are and what you can do before we meet you in the flesh.

Carefully check the spelling and grammar of your e-mail and CV

First impressions are extremely important. We're sure you'd never do something like this, but we sometimes receive applications that are full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. If you've been known to misspell things now and again, then be sure to pay extra attention to this aspect or ask someone else to read through your application first.

The recruiters are here to help!

PwC's recruiters are always available if you have any questions about the procedure, what the job entails or general tips. Call or e-mail them if you are unclear about anything.

Do your homework on PwC

Make sure you have a definitive answer to the question Why do you want to work for PwC?, as this question plays a major role in the interviews. These interviews are a way for both sides to make acquaintance, so mutual interest in each other ensures a good start. If you'd like to know more about us, then you can attend one of the recruitment activities or contact us for other possibilities.

Contact a PwC professional in your network

Explore your own network to see if you know anybody who works for PwC: the chances are greater than you might think. Ask your family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances if they know anybody. If they do, then it's a great way to learn more about a particular position and what it's like to work for PwC.

Make a clear choice

Apply for a position that you are truly interested in. That's a much better strategy than simultaneously applying to five different jobs. And be sure to clarify in your cover letter why you think this vacancy/internship is right for you.

Dress smartly

Wear something that would give you confidence in a professional environment. We do not expect you to buy a new suit for your interview: you'll have plenty of time to expand your wardrobe once the application process is complete!

Ask questions

Consider in advance what you would like to know about us. After all, we'll be asking a lot about you! Make sure you ask for all the information you wish to know, e.g. by writing down all of the questions and learning them in advance.

Do you have questions about our application process? Just contact the recruiter who is mentioned in the specific vacancy.