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Data and Analytics

Do more with data. Make faster decisions. Work more efficiently and save money. Find new scores of revenue.

Data Analytics

In Data Analytics, we help our customers collect, analyze and use data to understand potential futures, improve business performance and transform the way they work. As a data analyst you help our customers make decisions based on (big) data and you are the analysis expert who thinks through, researches and uses your own experiences to make our services even better. There are various teams within PwC that you can call on. For example, with our Data Analytics Assurance team. Or if you're more interested in people and the HR function, then perhaps People Analytics is for you. Maybe you fit in better with the exciting world of Forensic Technology? Or Deal Analytics where it's all about data, but also about your business insight and knowledge of the sector.  

We want all these teams to grow with specialists from different backgrounds and qualities. Your passion to drive our customers forward is what's most important to us. We will teach you the right skills.

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Our Data & Analytics team

Data Analytics Assurance

With the Risk Assurance Data Analytics team, you are part of the most innovative team of data specialists within PwC. You work in all sectors, from Financial Services to the public sector. You help clients with their data questions by, for example, getting a better grip on and guaranteeing data quality, and visualising the data analyses in an informative and clear manner. 

You help clients in the area of auditing their accounts, but also in providing certainty about their data and extracting more information from it. Every day you consult with customers, retrieve the data from the customer systems, clean up and prepare the data, run analyses, and visualize to make this information useful for the customer. 

On the one hand you will support us in improving our services and on the other hand you will support us in solving relevant complex customer problems. All this aimed at adding trust or improving transparency and risk management.

Within the Risk Assurance Data Analysis team we make use of various techniques, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).  We also work with SQL, Python, PowerBI, Alteryx and others. 

Would you like to help customers turn data into their new superpower? At PwC, you get the chance to help customers further and your experience with various customers means that development never stands still. Would you like to use your knowledge to contribute to further digitisation? Then come and work at PwC!

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Forensic Technology Solutions

Fraud is a serious matter that many of our customers have to deal with. A quick and adequate response is very important and this team ensures that the right information is quickly available. Together with the client, you chart answers to questions such as: How to deal with your own organisation? With publicity? How do we solve problems as quickly as possible? How do we prevent repetition in the future? Can you implement improvements in the procedures? Together with your team, you combine financial, administrative, legal and technological knowledge with in-depth practical experience of crisis situations. You have all the forensic tools and technology at your disposal and play an important role in a wide range of investigations, disputes or lawsuits.

People Analytics

The analysis of HR data is an important way of recruiting, retaining and rewarding employees. People Analytics is a growing area and a key to a successful organization. You work on different topics: Employee data solutions, pension analysis, reward benchmarking, HR management information and our best HR benchmarking solutions. You will work across all sectors, with opportunities in the global network on Deep Data Dives based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and Mathematical Algorithms

Deal Analytics

Dealing in the data- sensitive business landscape means that much more information is available than ever before. But it is the story behind the data that counts. The Deal Analytics team combines data science with business acumen and industry knowledge to support clients and other deal teams at all stages of the deal. You work behind the scenes on things before they reach the news. This young and fast-growing team is the ideal opportunity for analytics talent who want to make a real impact.

Data & Analytics consulting

Within this team, you will use your analytical skills to come up with solutions to complex problems together with the client. You will advise our clients on how to make use of the enormous amount of data and help them convert this data to discover opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage. As a data expert, you'll often work with colleagues from other PwC teams such as Finance, Risk, Technology and Strategy Consulting. 

Within this data & analytics team you continuously work on your knowledge and analytical skills. In addition, you will be trained to keep abreast of digital trends related to our field. You will help to develop innovative solutions for the client. That makes it fun to work with us.


Smart Automation & Quantative Solutions

The experts of the Smart Automation and Quantitative Solutions team deliver and consult on scalable digital assets and services – that extract, transform, analyze and visualize data to enable our clients in having improved insights, optimized compliance and reporting processes and increased control over its tax and finance function, all at lower cost. 

You will be part of a dynamic team from day one and get the opportunity to specialise in different technologies e.g. RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. During the learning process you will use new tools and work on cases based on the 4 digital solutions which will support clients in their digital transformation, ready to deal with changing requirements and unlocking possibilities that Data and Technology bring!