Within Consulting, you can choose one of the following disciplines:


Together with your client, you will develop a strategy that sets a clear course. You will seek opportunities to realise business objectives, determine suitable business models or map out the business culture.


In the field of Finance, you will work together with clients to coordinate their financial and strategic processes. You will structure these processes efficiently and smartly and ensure the financial process gives clients enough insight to allow them to maintain control of the course the organisation is steering.


Operations professionals assist with the implementation of strategies and business processes in order to boost clients' efficiency and effectiveness.


IT is an increasingly influential factor on business processes. You will ensure that clients get the most out of business applications and will propose improvements to the IT infrastructure and architecture. You will also consult with them on new technologies.

Program & Change Management

You know better than anyone that employees are the most important factor in any change process. As a change consultant, you will ensure that people are willing and able to adapt to a new situation at work and you will help your clients to optimally manage the change. You will ensure they implement and execute programmes and projects in a timely manner, within the specified budget and with the requisite level of quality.

Risk & Compliance

We believe that excellent risk management can be the distinctive advantage that sets our clients apart from the rest. In practice, this means that we work every day together with our clients to find and implement the right balance. The right balance for instance between stricter capital requirements and business goals, or compliance requirements and organizational agility.

We work on both non-financial risk and financial risk themes in the financial services sector. The team is a carefully balanced composition of people that make impact with different skill sets and backgrounds. For instance, we have team members with a background in econometrics, law, criminology, business administration, and that gained experience working in the industry and/or governmental bodies including supervisors. The team constantly challenges itself and our clients to innovate. Not solely by applying the latest technological developments in our areas of expertise, but also by formulating a refreshing view on work habits and patterns.
In our projects we work closely together with colleagues from other competencies and bring in the impressive international PwC network to the table where beneficial for our clients.

Data Analytics

You will use your analytical skills to devise practical solutions to complex problems within the public, private and financial sectors. Your duties will include business modelling, financial/other risk management, process optimisation (including Lean Six Sigma), executive-decision support, performance management, data management, data transformation and corporate intelligence.

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