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The ever-changing market requires agile organisations. Companies need to reinvent their existing business model and start thinking about how they are going to make the transition. We help our clients to prepare for this new world by optimising their processes and re-engineering their organisation.

Organisational Transformation (CIPS)

The Organisational Transformation team solves a variety of problems for clients in the midst of change. We help them through their transformation by working with them to optimise their organisational structure so that processes run smoothly and responsibilities are clear. The world is changing rapidly and organisations need to adapt. Many are switching from selling products to offering services, often in the form of subscriptions (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, Swapfiets).

We are a young, diverse and ambitious team that works hard and plays hard. Our team members come from different countries and backgrounds, something that suits our clients (predominantly international organisations). What makes our work exciting is that we can collaborate with our clients on both strategy and operations. For example, after developing a new organisational model, you will also work with the client to implement it. That’s what makes our work challenging and interesting.

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Supply Chain Management (CIPS)

Our Supply Chain & Procurement team helps our clients to optimise their supply chains and procurement processes. For example, you will help clients to understand and apply the latest digital and other advances and design and implement new organisational structures.

You will be working for different clients in different industries, each one with a unique issue to address. Every project is different, so learning on the job will be an ongoing process. In addition, PwC has an extensive talent management programme, with workshops and courses that will boost your learning curve and challenge you every step of the way, as well as offer you career development opportunities.

You will work on many of our projects in cooperation with experts from our other competence groups (for example Finance, Change Management or Risk) or with our M&A or tax advisory teams. We always work closely with our client in a process of co-creation. That means that you will quickly become well acquainted with the client’s organisation and will work with them towards results that deliver the value they demand.

PwC has an open culture and flat organisation. Your colleagues will always be happy to assist you, for example, by helping you write a proposal, providing expert input, or coaching you. From consultants to partners, their door is always open.

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Operations public sector

Our Operations team in the public sector specialises in Mobility of Capital Project & Infrastructure (CP&I).

The CP&I team gives clients financial, technical and contractual advice about large-scale, complex engineering and construction projects. You will use new technologies to improve processes and support clients in choosing sustainable and circular solutions. You will learn a lot from your team members about both the subject matter and leadership aspects. The impact we make and the variety of projects we take on keeps the work challenging.

If you enjoy interacting with people and have an affinity for technology, then a job in CP&I is an excellent match.

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Operations financial sector

We have two Operations teams for the financial sector: the Strategy, Regulations and Transformation team and the Customer & Operations team.

Strategy, Regulations and Transformation team

As a consultant in the Strategy, Regulations and Transformation team, you will deal with complex compliance and integrity issues. Financial institutions have a duty to society to act as the gatekeepers of the financial system. You will help them to live up to this role, for example by identifying their compliance risks and advising them on how to deal with ever-changing legislation.

PwC is at the forefront of Regulatory Operations, and our team is noted for its pleasant atmosphere. You will be part of a large and diverse team (approx. 50 people) comprising many different personalities, nationalities and strengths. Although everyone works on different projects, the team organises frequent activities to foster a sense of belonging, for example monthly team meetings, expertise sessions, social get-togethers and team weekends.

Customer & Operations team (financial sector)

The Customer & Operations team (C&O FS) works with clients to solve critical problems related to front-office and back-office transformations.

The financial sector is changing rapidly owing to various factors, including public pressure and new technologies, and that makes C&O FS’s work particularly interesting. As part of the C&O FS team, you will have the opportunity to leverage innovative ideas that help organisations to tackle these changes.

Why join PwC? Not only do we work for high-profile clients and can teach you every facet of consultancy, but we also believe in an informal organisational culture where we encourage everyone to be open-minded, to treat one another with respect, and to listen to one another.

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