Deals Traineeship EMEA

Edge, the EMEA Deals Traineeship

You're talented and eager to apply your knowledge in M&A practice. You have proven that you are smart, driven and ambitious and now you want to work in an environment in which you have a steep learning curve and continuously develop yourself.

At Edge, PwC's Deals Traineeship, a world full of challenges opens up to you. It offers you the opportunity to experience all facets of the Deals process.

Starting the Edge Deals Traineeship is possible in both March ánd September. The registration for September 2024 is closed.

Do you have an interest in starting in March 2025? In mid-October 2024, registration will open for the Edge Deals Traineeship in March 2025. 

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Preliminary stage:

  • Application Edge Deals Traineeship open - 5 February 2024

Application Process:

  • Application deadline Edge Deals Traineeship - registration closed
  • Deals Experience Day - 6 and 7 May 2024
  • Business course - 16 to 18 May 2024
  • Partner interview - 23 and 24 May 2024
Start Edge Deals Traineeship September 2024

Application journey

Deadline Edge Deals Traineeship - registration closed

Submitting your application is the first formal step in the application process. The application deadline for the Edge Deals Traineeship has expired.

Deals Experience - May 6th and 7th 2024

Candidates who have passed the application selection based on motivation, resume, and an online assessment, will receive an invitation for the Deals Experience. An interactive day in which you will take the next step within Edge. Meet other deal makers with diverse backgrounds and expertises and experience what it is like to contribute to solving complex challenges from the Deals practice together.

May 16th to 18th 2024

Once you have successfully completed the Experience Day, you will receive an invitation to the Edge Business Course. During this two-day course, you will work on complex case assignments and participate in various social activities. Together with a group of PwC colleagues, you will experience the different work that the Deals practice has to offer and truly get to know PwC and its culture.

May 23rd and 24th 2024

The last step in the application procedure consists of an interview with one of the partners.

The programme

The programme is called Edge, because it is cutting-edge. We offer you the means to get ahead and become an international deals expert with a broad skillset and good network. The programme challenges you and puts a lot of pressure on you, but the result ensures that you will be ready for the next step in your career. The programme lasts two years and officially starts with an International Deals Foundation event, where you will meet 400 other starters and Deals colleagues from PwC EMEA.

We would like to see you grow into an international deals expert. Edge offers you a helicopter view of the deals practice, relevant training, mentors and a 'buddy' network. The Edge programme offers the possibility to choose between the Rotations Track and the Expert Track. 

Your Edge programme journey

Rotations Track

Rotations are essential to the Rotations Track within the Edge program. This track offers the opportunity to gain experience in the various competence groups within deals. The ideal opportunity to develop a broad set of skills.

During one and a half year you will gain experience in three Rotations within different departments. In principle, the fourth Rotation is also the competence group that will be your final specialisation area. When completing the track you will have gained knowledge within the entire Deals spectrum and specialised in the competence area that suits you best. Please find an overview of the different competence groups within the Edge Deals Traineeship below.

Expert Track

The Expert Track offers the opportunity to specialize directly in one area of ​​expertise within the Deals spectrum. When you are sure which part of the Deals process suits you, the Expert Track offers you the opportunity to develop into an expert within this competence area from the start of the program.

Apply for Edge

  • If you have a university master's degree; 
  • If you have (demonstrable) affinity with deals/finance; 
  • If you have above-average study results combined with extracurricular activities;
  • If you are ambitious, proactive, analytical, numerically strong, result-oriented and flexible;
  • If you enjoy working in a team, have an eye for detail and can perform under time pressure;
  • If you want to work in a dynamic environment with many young and diverse people;
  • If you are interested in strategic issues, finance, mergers and acquisitions;
  • If you speak and write Dutch or English fluently.

Specialisations Edge Deals Traineeship

We deploy advanced data analytics techniques on a broad range of data sources to help executives, employees, customers and suppliers make the right decisions on a deal.

We regularly advise on some of the largest and most complex cross-border deals.

You'll support companies and investors in their assessment of important strategic issues.

Within valuations you discuss the valuation of companies in the broadest sense of the word.

Support in the final phase of an acquisition or merger.

Business Restructuring Services helps underperforming companies.

You know the financing market and you know the advantages and disadvantages of certain solutions.

As part of Debt & Capital Advisory at PwC you arrange optimal capital solutions for your clients and know all the players in the finance market.

In ESG in Deals you will help clients understand ESG topics in the context of mergers and acquisitions.

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Edge offers

  • Flexibility: with the possibility of two different tracks, you can choose a competency group that suits you; 
  • International perspective: Building an international network from the start of your career and the opportunity to do an international exchange.
  • The opportunity to obtain (technical) diplomas, such as a CFA or RC, after completing your traineeship (depending on your educational background);
  • An appropriate salary and extensive employment benefits – these benefits include a “well-being budget”, i.e. an annual personal budget of EUR 1000 that you can spend on your health, for example on mindfulness, sport, lifestyle coaching, or wellness;
  • A fully equipped, ergonomic home office with a second monitor;

Are you interested in the traineeship but still have some questions after reading this information/vacancy? Feel free to contact our recruiters Romond and/or Tess.


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