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Step into the challenging world of Edge, Deals Traineeship EMEA

As a talented, (almost) graduate you are ready to put your knowledge into practice. You have proven yourself as smart, driven, ambitious and you are ready to start working in an environment where you will learn constantly and keep developing yourself. You know one thing for sure: you want to become a consultant. The Deals traineeship offers you the opportunity to experience all facets of the Deals process.

Are your study results above average and do you have a maximum of two years of work experience? Then you are our ideal candidate! We ask a lot from you, but you will get a lot from us…

You bring the attitude...

Are you an ambitious and dedicated high potential ready to enter the professional consultancy world, and do you have the following requirements?

  • Master’s degree student in your final year of university conducting economics, business or technology based studies;
  • Combined above-average study results with extracurricular activities;
  • Team player with a great sense of humor;
  • Ability to work in a demanding and high-pressure environment;
  • Genuine interest in strategic questions, finance and mergers & acquisitions;
  • Excellent communication skills, with fluency in Dutch and English.


The traineeship of 2019 starts in September, applying for this traineeship is no longer possible. If you have any questions about the new start date, please contact the recruiter at the bottom of the page.


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…we will give you the Edge…

We call it Edge, because it’s cutting-edge. It gives you the edge you need to become an international, well-rounded, well-networked Deals professional. There is no doubt that the programme will challenge you and stretch your capabilities, but it will also be a rewarding journey that will equip you for the next stage in your career. A mandatory part of the application procedure is the business course, read more about the dates of Edge Deals Traineeship in the vacancy. Have we captured your imagination? Would you like to learn more? Watch the video and take a look at the brochure on the Edge programme.

…to become an international Deals expert

The Edge programme is created to support the best and brightest graduates at the start of their careers by boosting their development from their first days at our Deals practice. It comprises a three-year journey that officially begins with an International Deals Foundation event in Madrid where you’ll meet another 400 graduates and PwC Deals leaders from across EMEA, and get a taste of the work that you’ll be doing in the Deals business. Following that, you'll commence in your allocated Deals business area at your local PwC firm, where you rotate between four groups every six months, doing a variety of project work with a variety of local and international clients and teams.

Practical information

At PwC we're inspired to help you grow into an international Deals expert and have designed Edge to give you a 'helicopter' view of our Deals business. To help you through this learning process, you will be supported by training courses, as well as by professionals offering mentoring and "buddy" support.

  • You will have the opportunity to experience at least four Deals’ competence groups during the three-year programme;
  • Possibility of international exchange in year three, only for best performers;
  • Professional qualification - CFA;
  • Competitive salary package, including excellent secondary employment conditions, e.g. lease car and solid pension scheme;
  • 32 days’ holiday annually;
  • Variable bonus based on PwC results and personal performance.

Within the Edge Deals Traineeship you will get acquainted with the following specialisations

Data & Analytics

Within Data & Analytics you will use data and analytics to help executives, employees, customers and suppliers to make the right decisions. Whether that's to drive new growth opportunities, operate more efficiently or identify and manage risks.  For decades, data and analytics have been core to how we provide assurance and advisory services to our clients, but in the last few years data and analytics are appearing more and more as a top priority issue for our clients. 

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Financial Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence (FDD) is a market leader with many private equity and corporate clients. Within FDD you help your clients when making investment decisions by analysing underlying profit levels, working capital levels and balance sheet positions. Your findings are the building blocks for the deal valuation and give customers important input for the negotiation of price and terms.

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At Strategy you support companies, investors and governments in their assessment of key strategic issues. Your work is based on a thorough analysis of market, competition and business information and enables our customers to make important decisions based on factual and independent research. Your recommendations are concrete, pragmatic and practical. You do Commercial Due Diligence investigations, assess attractiveness of markets, help with business planning, provide economic advice and advise around regulatory strategies.

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Within Valuations you will deal with the valuation of companies in the broadest sense of the word. You are involved in deal valuations, valuations for financial reporting and shareholder disputes. You are the spider in the web because you will translate strategic, operational and financial results into a fair and independent valuation.

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Delivering Deal Value

Buyers and sellers need to understand the main business drivers and key areas of opportunity to deliver deal value from transactions quickly and efficiently. Within this competence, you will support customers in the final stages of a takeover or merger, or just afterwards. You will help customers to materialize the potential value of a deal, thus ensuring the success of the investment.

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Business Restructuring Services

From small family-run organisations to major multinationals, Business Restructuring Services (BRS) helps underperforming businesses and those with interests in them, understand and solve their problems. That might mean coming up with strategies to turn the company around, restructure its debt and operations, or guiding it through an insolvency process. You will examine whether the company can become viable after restructuring and help in making the company a restructuring plan to obtain new financing and/or to restructure the company. You will also work on investment decisions from a crisis perspective.

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Corporate Finance

A prerequisite for a successful acquisition is a well-managed process. With millions at stake, our clients can be demanding, so our advice - the advice you'll eventually be giving - is critical. We need to be knowledgeable, able to build relationships quickly and effectively and think strategically. Relationships are a key part of our business. In addition to your technical work, you’ll regularly interact with a range of clients. You’ll need to have strong communication skills and the flexibility to adapt when you find yourself in different environments. Identifying new Deals is an important part of your work.

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