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Ron Sperling

Director - SAP Indirect Tax

Director of SAP ITX Ron Sperling joined PwC three-and-a-half years ago from the corporate world. Together with his department, he advises companies on how to convert tax issues into ICT systems. What he likes most about his work is that it really provides added value for clients. "It's very satisfying to see a client who is happy with a specific solution to a problem."

"In my previous job at a large Dutch multinational, we did a project with PwC in the field of digital solutions. I found that implementation so interesting that I wanted to focus more on that area. PwC is a pioneer in this field, my coming here was a deliberate choice for the substance of this work.”


“I was therefore a lateral-entry employee, and as a techie I was surrounded by people with a legal background in the Tax department. I studied at the Technical University in Delft. We complement each other in practically every meeting I have. The lawyers are experts in the field of VAT taxation and I look at the technical side, I convert it into systems. If, for example, a beer brewery wants to enter a new market, we have ideas on how to do so with regard to tax and we immediately translate this into how IT can be used to achieve this in day-to-day practice.” 

"We automate tax processes in a state of the art way"

Ron Sperling Director


“I've noticed that at PwC, it’s all about the people, and there's a lot of investment in the staff. Only with the best people can you deliver added value for your clients. The atmosphere is good, there's a lot of mutual cooperation. We often have a drink together after work. It's hard work, but it's also fun on the work floor, and that combination really appeals to me. After work, I like to participate in sports, such as boot camp workouts. And to go into town with friends, and yes there are colleagues among them.”

Look behind the scenes

“I visit many different industries thanks to this work, and I find it very interesting to take a look at so many sectors. Particularly if it’s a very specific product, such as an aircraft manufacturer. From the office, I can see into the hangar, where a new model is being built. Or at a confectionery producer where, when you go for lunch, you walk past the production line where thousands of sweets pass by.” 


“Our department is very innovative, 're-imagine the possible' is really applicable to us.

We automate tax processes in a state of the art way. It's nice to have companies and people look at taxes in a different way. For instance, the VAT declaration process. Normally, a tax department only checks at the end of the month whether adjustments are needed. We are now building a feature into the system so that you can see immediately after a transaction whether there are other possibilities. It all sounds so logical, but no other company does it."