Preparation & Execution

In preparing and closing the deal, many different deal teams work closely together. In this phase, the value of a company is determined and guarantees are given for the investment. We also offer the most suitable financing solution for our client.

You can join the following teams:

Financial Due Diligence

Our Financial Due Diligence team (FDD) is market leader with countless private equity and corporate clients. At FDD, you advise on some of the largest and most complex cross-border deals. You give buyers an understanding of what makes a transaction successful. You assess a company’s financial situation, consider the opportunities and risks, and identify which obstacles are obstructing a deal. You also subject companies to an independent assessment so that prospective buyers can make well-considered decisions. You help your customers make investment decisions by analysing underlying profit levels, working capital levels and balance sheet positions. Your findings form the basis for the valuation of the deal and give clients an important point of reference when negotiating price and conditions.

Corporate Finance - Debt & Capital Advisory

As the financial market has become less transparent following the recent credit crisis and we have a leading role in attracting funding, CFOs and private equity parties are increasingly handing over their funding process to us. At Dept & Capital Advisory, you will work out the most suitable and future-oriented financing solution for our clients. In addition to a good technical foundation, you also build up a large and diverse network of relationships. You engage regarding our deals with management, shareholders and investment companies, bankers, lawyers, sector experts and other stakeholders. As well as your substantive skills, your commercial skills and perseverance are important factors in closing a successful financing deal.

Delivering Deal Value (DDV)

Buyers and sellers need to understand the key business drivers and opportunities to close lucrative deals quickly and effectively. Within DDV, you support clients in the final stages of a merger or acquisition, or just after. You help clients achieve the potential value of a deal and therefore guarantee the success of the investment. Within the DDV team, we focus on operational and IT due diligence, adding value through rapid operational improvements, achieving successful integrations/splits of IT/operations in acquisition or divestment activities.


At Strategy you help companies, investors and public authorities to identify important strategic issues. Your work includes a thorough analysis of the market, competition and business information, enabling your customers to make important decisions based on independent fact-finding. Your recommendations are specific, pragmatic and practical. You will conduct Commercial Due Diligence research, assess the attractiveness of markets, facilitate business planning, offer economic advice and advise on regulatory strategies.


The value of a company plays an important role in a great variety of situations. What does a buyer wish to pay or is able to pay for a takeover and what does the seller expect to receive? At Valuations, you assess the value of a company by analysing the strategy, market, historical results and future expectations.. You translate strategic, operational and financial results into a substantiated valuation. Valuation is generally carried out on the basis of future profits and cash flows (and the risk thereof), but can also be determined on the basis of valuations of listed parties or recent transactions.

Data & Analytics

Dealmaking in today's data-sensitive business landscape means that far more information is available than ever before. But it's the story behind the data that counts. The Deal Analytics team combines in-depth data science capabilities with broad business insight and sector knowledge to support clients and other deal teams in all phases of the deal. This young and rapidly expanding team is the ideal opportunity for analytical talent that wants to make a real impact.

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