The deal is closed. It's often hectic, everything comes together and the finishing touches are made. Our specialists ensure that all arrangements are properly described in, for example, the purchase agreement. In this phase, we work closely with our lawyers and tax specialists and with the buyer, the seller and financiers.

You can join the following teams:

Corporate Finance - Debt & Capital Advisory

As the financial market has become less transparent following the recent credit crisis and we have a leading role in attracting funding, CFOs and private equity parties are increasingly handing over their funding process to us. At Dept & Capital Advisory, you will work out the most suitable and future-oriented financing solution for our clients. In a good technical foundation, you also build up a large and diverse network of relationships. You engage regarding our deals with management, shareholders and investment companies, bankers, lawyers, sector experts and other stakeholders. Besides your substantive skills, your commercial skills and perseverance are important factors in closing a successful financing deal.

Financial Due Diligence

Our Financial Due Diligence team (FDD) is market leader with countless private equity and corporate clients. At FDD, you advise on some of the largest and most complex cross-border deals. You give buyers an understanding of what makes a transaction successful. You assess a company’s financial situation, consider the opportunities and risks, and identify which obstacles are obstructing a deal. Furthermore, you subject companies to an independent assessment so that prospective buyers can make well-considered decisions. You help your customers make investment decisions by analysing underlying profit levels, working capital levels and balance sheet positions. Your findings form the basis for the valuation of the deal and give clients an important point of reference when negotiating price and conditions.

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